Sunday, December 29, 2013

The new consoles are making my eyes roll...

I've been reading a few articles on CNET this afternoon, one on the PS4's development and the other a review for the XBOX ONE. So far, the PS4 seems a lot more impressive to me. It might be solely because Sony seems to have learned from their development mistakes with the PS3 and made the PS4 a developer's dream.

From the article:

"PlayStation 3 is very powerful. It's a supercomputer on a chip, that's the Cell processor. But, at the same time, to unlock that power you have to spend a lot of time. People have now spent eight years learning the depths of that architecture, how to make games look beautiful and make these rich interactive worlds. You can see that in The Last of Us. It did take a lot of effort. I wanted to be sure that the next time around that it was just a lot easier for developers to make the games. It was very important to me that they could be focused on their creative vision and not learning the minutiae of the hardware."

Ease of development was a primary goal in the initial design discussions for what would become the PS4. Work began in early 2008. That's a stark contrast to the goal of the PS3, seemingly maximum performance at any cost. In the pursuit of power, even developer support, crucial tools that allow for the creation of great games, was left by the wayside. Says Cerny: "With PS3 we didn't really start creating developer tools until the hardware was done, and it turns out that was too late, and so it was pretty tough making the launch titles."
The man talking in this quote is Mark Cerny. He's a legend in the gaming industry. He got his start in 1982 by working for Atari. He he was just 17 years old at that time. A year later he would design Marble Madness, one of the most iconic games of the early '80s. (Not to mention a long-time favorite of mine...) He's more recently had a long tenure working with (and ultimately for) Sony, having a hand in powerhouse titles like Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and Crash Bandicoot. So, if he says that Sony went out of their way to fix their mistakes, I believe he might be telling the truth.

One thing is certain, making a console difficult for developers can (and usually does) throw their manufacturers for a loop and knocks them out of first place. It did for Nintendo with the N64. It did for Sony with the PS3. It knocked Atari out of the race completely with the Jaguar. Considering how at least two of their competitors made that mistake, you'd think Sony would have known better. However, it's often difficult to avoid arrogant and egotistical behavior when you are wildly successful. All that being said, I need to see a lot more games (and a significant price drop) before I can invest in a PS4.

As for the XBOX ONE... Well, it looks like Microsoft is using it as a way to somehow convince people to buy technology that they don't want. Specifically, I'm referring to Kinect and Windows 8.

Kinect is no longer required to make the console work (due to the huge gamer backlash a few months ago) but, it's still required to get more than minimal functionality from the console. To me, it looks like Microsoft is just trying a different approach to forcing Kinect on people. No dice, Microsoft. Considering your prior history with helping the NSA to spy on me via PRISM, I am NOT going to let you put an internet-connected camera in my home.

I mention Windows 8 because the OS on this console is a LOT like the tile system used in Windows 8. I can't offer any real comment on Windows 8 since I have yet to use it but, I can understand people's frustrations. A Tablet-oriented OS doesn't help you much when you're NOT using a tablet or a PC with a touch screen. Also, there is no real reason that I know of to get rid of the traditional Windows Desktop with a taskbar, icons and a Start Menu.

So, what am I thinking about these consoles right now?


I probably won't bother with the XBOX ONE at all. Microsoft has been pissing me off so much these last few years that I made the switch to Linux this past summer. I haven't looked back.


Right now, the PS4 costs too much. I could afford to go out and buy a console for $400 and then another hundred or so on games and accessories but, why? The launch line-up, while pretty large for a new system's launch, is just not impressive. I can't think of a single title for the console that I want. No interesting games and a high price do NOT make a sale. I'll take another look in a year or two once the hype (and hopefully the price) go down.

Also, I do have a 'next-gen' console already in the form of the Wii U that I bought last year, not to mention a recently acquired PS3 that cost me a mere $60. (The guy who sold it to me wasn't very good with money and needed quick cash.) I've already gone out and bought every game I want for the PS3 and everything I want for Wii U that is currently available.

Combining those systems them with the dozens of other consoles/portables/computers that I own and the hundreds of titles I have on them, I think I can afford to wait a little while on these new consoles.


It's still looking like I won't be bothering with either of these consoles for some time. I don't care about these non-nonsensical 'console wars' anymore. These two new consoles are made from COTS technology and their internal components are virtually identical. Let them slug it out for dominance over the other. The PC will still be the reigning champ for the people who are obsessed with graphics. I could care less about that aspect of the game. They all look quite amazing nowadays. Nintendo will simply go it's own way with the Wii U and create it's own market, just like it did for the Wii, DS & 3DS. That might ultimately be the best way to go for console manufacturers. Providing something unique and interesting to your audience will keep them coming back, not just increasing the horsepower every few years. That's why I just ignored the XBOX 360 (not to mention all of its many hardware failures) and why PS3 didn't come into my life until this past summer. I want a good time playing the game, not just to be wowed with the latest in technological innovation. New tools are USELESS if you don't properly utilize them.

Now, if only Nintendo would advertise the Wii U better... And more often...

- Lord Publius

Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to tell if you made an ever popular system...

How can you tell that you made an ever popular system? Here's a few ways...

1.) The system still has a large following decades after it was discontinued.

2.) Games are still made for the system decades after it was discontinued.

3.) These games are not just hacks or remakes but, new and original games that are actually fun to play.

Below is a video I found today on AtariAge of a homebrew game with a Christmas theme called Stay Frosty 2. I'm actually quite impressed with what I can see of the game in this video. It looks more like an early NES release than just an old Atari 2600 game. I'm also quite impressed that someone got the Television Interface Adapter (aka the chip in the Atari 2600 that processed sound video output and reading controller inputs) to output music that actually does sound like various old Christmas songs. That chip's sound abilities are notoriously limited, even by the standards of its era.

Anyway, enough of me jabbering on about old technology. Look at the video for yourself.

- Lord Publius

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bad game store reviews...

While looking up Retron 5 info on the Hyperkin website, I found a review for a used game store in California called '1UP Videogames.' I came away from that short review with several thoughts...

1.) The reviewer seems to be pretty new to retro gaming and collecting, based on what I read. I'm willing to bet he's also really young since he talked about having to choose between a PlayStation and N64 when he was a child.

2.) FYI, choosing PlayStation over N64 is an EPIC FAIL.

3.) Atari wasn't mentioned even once. How do you have a retro game store without some Atari stuff? That is non-sequitur and quite illogical.

4.) He was impressed that the store had an arcade machine, namely an entry in the ubiquitous Street Fighter franchise. That isn't exactly new or unique to this store. I've seen arcade machines at other retro game stores like Digital Press up in Clifton, New Jersey. (And a few other stores in various YouTube videos...)

5.) He was also surprised (or seemed to be) that there would be a PS3 set up for folks to play, again with a Street Fighter game. That is also very common. It allows customers to try certain titles before purchase and makes holding tournaments a lot easier. I've been seeing that since the days I went to a chain of retro game stores in New Orleans called 'The Gametrader.' They are gone now and also dearly missed. They gave me most of the ideas I have for what my future game store will be like, once it gets started anyway... (Not to mention a LOT of ideas on what I will not do...)

6.) There's a whole paragraph about how good Mega Man X looks on the new Retron 5. I know this article is on that clone console's manufacturer's website but, it just seems like bad form to me to have it there. It tells me nothing about the game store you visited, guy. Also, I know that Mega Man X is awesome. I have several copies of it on various different platforms.

- Lord Publius

Friday, December 20, 2013

Video Idea: Pinball game comparison

After going through my game manifest, I noticed that I have acquired a LOT of pinball games over the last year. I had one or two before (namely the 2 pinball games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and the pinball game that comes with Windows XP) but, the rest are all new to me. Anyway, I have noticed that the games are usually pretty good, regardless of what system they are on, and make for a lot of relatively mindless point-scoring fun. These games are no substitute for a real Pinball table in an arcade of course but, I don't have access to real machines. These will have to do.

I've also noticed that they (usually) get better and better with each new console generation, from Atari 2600 to PS2. So, I drew up the list of all the Pinball games I have (as of 19 Dec 2013) and now, I'm planning to do a comparison video for YouTube. (Or Vimeo if YouTube doesn't quit fucking around with copyright notices so much...)

I.) The Games

Atari 2600

Midnight Magic
Video Pinball




High Speed


Pac-Man Pinball Advance
Sonic Pinball Party

SEGA Genesis

Sonic Spinball

SEGA Saturn

Hyper 3D Pinball

Windows XP

'Space Cadet' table from 3D Pinball


KISS Pinball
Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey


Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

II.) What I need to make this video a reality...

- A TI-99/4A Computer, since I got cartridges for them but, no system
- A device that lets me connect RF Units to a modern HDTV
- Video-editing software that is a bit more capable than Windows Movie Maker
- A Video-capture device that can get video from all these systems and/or a PC running an emulator for some of the really old consoles like Atari 2600 and TI-99/4A

III.) Concerns

Once I have these things, I can get the video made. I might even use the classic song 'Pinball Wizard' by The Who, assuming it won't cause YouTube to lose their shit and flip out over a non-existent copyright infringement. I might also use the Elton John version from the movie Tommy. Both are quite good. I have an 8-Bit version of the song too. That won't be copyrighted...

The only real problems I see here are getting the footage from the Atari 2600, SEGA Saturn and TI-99/4A games since those consoles use RF units. The NES games, GBA games and Sonic Spinball should be easy enough to record from a modern HDTV using a NES 'Toaster' model with RCA cables, my Retron 3 (which will play NES, Super NES & Genesis games) and a GameCube with the GameBoy Player. Or, I can just wait for the Retron 5, which will play all of those systems and more. PS1 & PS2 games can be played on a PS2. I'm not sure how I'll go about getting the footage from the Windows XP game yet but, I'm sure that capture software is easily available for that task...

Of all these titles, the favorite for me is Hyper 3D Pinball for SEGA Saturn. It is easily the prettiest title and the controls are easy too. I haven't even played the 2 PS2 collections because my PS2 is 1,000 miles away from me right now and my PS3 doesn't have backward capability. However, I know the discs work and they were only 2 bucks each. Can't complain about that...

- Lord Publius

Thursday, December 19, 2013

An early Christmas (gaming-related) miracle?!

Earlier tonight, I may have been a witness to an early Christmas gaming-related miracle. For years now, I have been on the hunt for a console I once had but, foolishly sold when I needed money. Actually, there were several consoles that ended their relationship with me that way. However, this one was very special. It was the first I had bought with my own money, the last hurrah for its manufacturer and a truly unique piece of gaming history.

As if by some grand design hatched by a supreme being, I have been able to re-acquire some of the stuff I had for this console in recent months. A controller here, a few cartridges there. Then, the local game store I frequent came across the RF Modulator and AC Adapter for this console. Still, the console was beyond my grasp... Until tonight...

I saw on Facebook this morning that Play Raven got more old Atari 2600 cartridges in stock and commented that I would be there later. Since I went to work later, I didn't see how the owner replied saying that 'Santa' had come and dropped something off... Something 'Red and Black'... He figured I would know what that meant and he figured right. If I had seen that response, I would have shit bricks.

(By the way, 'Santa' was actually some guys that buy the contents of abandoned storage containers, found some game stuff and sold it to the store after remembering it from a story in the local paper.)

Anyway, I went to the place to see the new influx of Atari 2600 cartridges and get a few plastic cases for NES & Super NES cartridges, if they were available. It was then that he showed me what it was that 'Santa' had brought... I was absolutely shocked when I saw it, even if my usual stone-faced expression hadn't changed. When I laid eyes on it, it was just like the scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture where Admiral Kirk first laid eyes on the newly refitted Starship Enterprise. It was like seeing an old friend for the first time in many years. Even now, I can hardly believe that it is in my possession. It's only the console itself that was in that lot that 'Santa' had brought. No cables, controllers or game cartridges. Like a dumbass, I had sent all that stuff home 2 weeks ago in a big box full of old games. All the stuff I'd need to enjoy this beast, this Frankenstein's Monster of a console are in a box in my Fortress of Solitude/storage area back home in Louisiana.


So, until I head home, whenever that is going to be, I have to wait to relive this wonderful part of my adolescence. However, it's worth the wait. It's also worth the risk of picking up some equipment that may not be working right. I'm pretty good with technology. I can fix it if it's having some technical issues. I am sure it will work, though. Otherwise, I have a fairly inexpensive (and cool) museum piece that will accompany a *quite* expensive replacement from some website like Amazon, eBay or GameGavel. Either way, I will play this system again.

"WHAT SYSTEM?!" You're all probably asking by now. Well, let's look at the clues...

1.) It's red and black...

2.) I have been able to get just about everything but the console itself before now... and I have definitely mentioned it in previous blog posts...

3.) I referred to it as a 'Beast' and a 'Frankenstein's Monster'. Both of which are appropriate due to its name and unique hardware architecture.

4.) It's one of those consoles that I sold years ago to make money when I needed it... All of those consoles were from Atari. I now once again have all the 2600 and 7800 stuff that I used to have, and much more. So, that leaves just one option...

I feel like I've gone back in time to 1996... And, in this case, that is actually a good thing...

- Lord Publius

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Using discarded plastic bottles to build affordable homes

Ever see a brilliant idea and think to yourself 'Why has no one thought of this before?' Well, I had something like one of those moments earlier tonight. I saw a link in a Friend's FB status about a way to house the homeless in America in only a single year. That goal in and of itself is not remarkable. The American people can do anything they decide to do. History is replete with examples of this fact. However, we don't seem to do much to confront social problems, even if everyone agrees there is a problem. Homeless citizens would certainly apply as one of those issues.

Despite the article mentioning that there are already 5 times more empty houses in America than homeless families, I still like the idea presented here. It has potential to both provide relatively cheap housing and make recycling plastic bottles economically efficient for once. However, I do have a few questions that have not been answered...

1.) Did anyone come up with a blueprint for how these homes would be made? Or, is it a unique design every time with no building codes/standards in place yet?

As a former contractor, I can tell you that you definitely do NOT want a home that is unable to conform to the local building codes. That is just a regulatory nightmare.

2.) How well do they insulate heat during winter?

The article mentioned that they could be kept cool to a temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer but, nothing about winters. Why not?

3.) How do they hold up in extreme weather conditions like a Hurricane or a flood?

I specifically mention those two disasters because there is a LOT of homeless people in my hometown of New Orleans and those two disasters are the most prevalent for the area.

I participated in a group project during college to help out Brad Pitt's organization, Global Green, that was engaged in rebuilding homes in the flood-ravaged Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We came up with a relatively high-tech design that also resembled preexisting New Orleans architecture, as the instructions for the design competition stated. As I recall, Mr. Pitt picked a futuristic-looking design from a Chicago architectural firm instead. Too bad...

4.) Did anyone test how well the walls stand up to holes being drilled in them for water pipes, electrical lines, telco links and other cables?

Sure it's nice to have a roof over your head but, it's also pretty nice to have indoor plumbing too. People in Africa and Asia who built homes like this for themselves may be comfortable living without those 'luxuries' but, most Americans wouldn't even consider that idea.

If these concerns can be assuaged, then I'd say we have the cheap home-building method of the future. However, I'm not sure how we can sell the idea to prospective home-buyers yet. I guess I'll have to get some Real Estate agents to figure that out.

- Lord Publius

Monday, December 16, 2013

Yet another title (or two) to add to the list...

Yet another title to add to the list of games that I will NEVER play or re-sell in my own game store. I can't believe that SEGA and Sonic Team would allow this buggy piece of shit to ever see the light of day. No one cares if there was a game released in time to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the franchise. 15 isn't that big of a number.

James really should consider doing an AVGN video about that game. I don't care if it's 'too new' or not. It needs to be thoroughly destroyed. Sonic Team should be ashamed of themselves for releasing something like that...

As if that isn't bad enough, I recently discovered something that I had previously thought was quite unlikely... perhaps impossible. However, that evil spectre of gaming history apparently had one more last dirty trick to pull. Apparently, Acclaim released a really terrible racing game on the SEGA Dreamcast called Spirit of Speed 1937. However, they must have known that the game sucked HORRIBLY... Why else would they resurrect the Shit Rainbow and displayed it prominently on the front cover of the game? I'll be sure to avoid that game like the plague...

- Lord Publius

Friday, December 13, 2013

I sense a disturbance in the Force...

It's as if MILLIONS of voices had suddenly cried out in terror, and then were suddenly silenced. Something truly terrible has happened...

What is Disney thinking?!

You'd think that when 'the House of Mouse' bought Star Wars, that they would take good care of the games based on that franchise. You'd think they would keep LucasArts doing what they do, which was essentially PISSING EXCELLENCE. Then, they shut down LucasArts. What... The... FUCK?!

As depressing as that is, you'd think that Disney themselves would take over making the Star Wars games. They do have their own game design studios and those studios do EXCELLENT work. Whether it was Castle of Illusion on the SEGA Genesis or the new Epic Mickey games, Disney Interactive does some damned fine work. They actually got a grown man like me to enjoy playing games aimed at children, probably by having them feature cartoon characters that EVERYONE, myself included, loved as children. I bet Disney could have made some incredible Star Wars games. Hell, even games they made as advertisements for their movies like Aladdin and The Lion King still ended up becoming all-time classics. I know because I have the Genesis version of Aladdin. That is one of the best platformers you can find on the Genesis that DOESN'T have the word 'Sonic' in the title.

However, that fantasy of Disney making Star Wars games is not to be... They sold the rights to another publisher. And the one they picked, is probably one of the worst choices they could make from a creative stand point: EA Games.

Now that AlphaOmegaSin is done with his profanity-laden rant on the subject...

I do understand why they did it from a business standpoint. EA makes money so, they should be able to help Disney make money too. Creatively however, EA has been sucking ass for years. The only products I have bought from them lately were a few old Need for Speed titles from secondhand stores and BrĂ¼tal Legend on PS3. NOTHING else they have done recently has even gotten my attention, let alone my money.

So, will EA get its act together and produce high-quality Star Wars games? Or, will they treat this like another of their licenses that print money, (*cough* Madden NFL *cough*) and just pimp it for profits? I guess only time will tell...

May the Force be with us...

- Lord Publius

Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to build up stock for the used game/record store? Use the duplicates in my game collection...

How would I build up initial stock for the used game/record store? For starters, I could use the duplicates in my game collection. That would at least be enough to fill a glass display case or two near the cash register(s) by the front door.

The number in parentheses after the title indicates the number of extra copies I have and could theoretically re-sell. Chances are good that I won't, though... Please remember that these are only the extra copies. It doesn't include certain games that I don't want anymore and might decide to re-sell.

Atari 2600

Asteroids (5)
Astroblast (1)
Atlantis (1)
Battlezone (4)
Bezerk (2)
Circus Atari (2)
Combat (4)
Defender (3)
Demon Attack (1)
Donkey Kong (2)
Enduro (2)
Journey Escape (1)
Jungle Hunt (1)
Kaboom! (1)
Keystone Kapers (1)
Laser Blast (3)
Megamania (1)
Millipede (1)
Missile Command (2)
Ms. Pac-Man (3)
Othello  (2)
Pac-Man (1)
Phoenix (1)
Pitfall! (1)
River Raid (1)
Space Invaders (6)
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (1)

Atari 5200

Pole Position (1)
Super Breakout (1)

Atari 7800

Asteroids (1, Will be complete in box since both of the copies I have are this way.)
Galaga (1)
Pole Position II (2)
Xevious (1)


Donkey Kong (1)
Zaxxon (1)

TI-99/4A (It's an old computer)

Car Wars (1)
TI Invaders (Space Invaders Clone, 1)

NES (Here's where we get to the really good and profitable stuff...)

Contra (1)
Double Dragon (1)
Hogan's Alley (1)
The Legend of Zelda (1 Gold Cartridge)
Metroid (1)
Mike Tyson's Punchout!! (1)
Operation Wolf (1)
Paperboy (1)
Pinball (1)
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (2)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (2)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (1)
Tetris (1)
Vindicators (1)
Wizards and Warriors (1)

Nintendo 64 (A few nice gems here...)

007 The World is not enough (1)
Cruis'n USA (1)
Doom 64 (1)
Jet Force Gemini (1)
Perfect Dark (1)
Ridge Racer 64 (1)

Nintendo GameCube

The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition (1, still factory-sealed. Will cost a damned fortune.)

Nintendo Wii

Guitar Hero - Aerosmith (1, still factory-sealed.)

Nintendo WiiU

Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition (1, still factory-sealed.)

Nintendo Game Boy

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1)

Nintendo GameBoy Advance

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (1)
Marble Madness/KLAX (1)

Proprietary Hardware

Atari Flashback 3 (5, because Wal-Mart sold them cheap.)
Atari Flashback 4 (1)
Atari Flashback 64 (1)

SEGA Genesis (These games could make for excellent system bundles.)

Eternal Champions (1)
Mortal Kombat (1)
Sonic The Hedgehog (1)
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (1)
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (1)
Sonic & Knuckles (1)

SEGA Saturn

Hyper 3D Pinball (1)

SEGA Dreamcast

Sonic Adventure (1)

Sony PlayStation

Doom (1)

So, that is 111 different items we'd have on opening day, assuming I wanted to sell all of my extra copies and that they were all in good working order. (Which is part of the reason why I get back-up copies of things in the first place.) Again, remember that this does NOT include any of the games I may have decided that I don't want anymore, just the extra copies of certain things. Plus, I could also just buy up those game lots you see advertised on eBay and Craigslist, garage sales, et al.

- Lord Publius

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Setting the record straight...

I need to set something straight here because someone, well, actually LOTS of people, have the wrong idea. This one person that inspired this post though has known me since High School. Yet, he seems to think that I'm some Bible-Thumper or some other 'typical Christian.' I'm not sure what that is but, it couldn't be further from the truth. So...

1.) The only reason I'd even use the phrase 'Non-denominational Christian' to describe any of my spiritual views is because I like the things attributed to Jesus in those 4 canonical gospels.

Essentially, they all boil down to 'Be polite, be nice and don't force your views on other people.' Or, in simpler language, DON'T BE A DICK.

That seems simple enough to me but, I find many people (including a great many folks who claim to follow that man's philosophy) just don't seem to get the idea. Such a shame...

2.) Many of the Atheists that criticize me keep using examples of 'bad Christian behavior', both contemporary and historical, that came from the Catholic Church. The only problem with that is that I AM NOT CATHOLIC.

In fact, there are many different forms of Christian churches and practices in this world. It's not like America where the choices seem to be largely either Catholic or some form of Protestant. What about the Greek and Russian Orthodox churches? Or how about Unitarians or the United Church of Christ? Why does no one ever assume that I'm part of one of those organizations? For that matter, why not assume that I'm one of those Jews who think that maybe, just MAYBE, that Jesus guy might have actually been the Messiah after all?

3.) Most 'Real Christians' would hate me because I am NOT one of them, either. Here's why...

a.) I don't go to church for years at a time. To get me to go, you have to drag me or bribe me with free food.

b.) I constantly question/criticize my own faith tradition and it's adherents as a way of making them think and keeping them honest. You could call that 'playing the Devil's Advocate.' They just get annoyed because I try to make them think. No wonder I don't like going to church very much...

c.) I routinely refer to the Vatican as 'the world's largest organized crime syndicate' and point out NUMEROUS examples of their bad behavior to back my claims.

The Counter-reformation, arbitrarily splitting the New World between Spain and Portugal, giving consent to Portugal to start the African slave trade, telling people they can't use condoms, etc. etc. etc. All of this is/was sanctioned by the Vatican at one point in time or another.

d.) I don't think that Mother Teresa was a good person at all.

She allowed a LOT of unnecessary suffering in her homes for the terminally ill. She thought it was good for the soul. She also accepted money from horrible dictators. Hardly sounds very Christ-like to me... Didn't Jesus go around relieving pain and suffering by healing lepers and people possessed by demons? (And I'm pretty sure those people supposedly possessed by demons were just suffering from mental illnesses and neurological problems like cerebral palsy.)

e.) I don't pay much attention to the Old Testament because I know that relates to the old Covenant that God supposedly had with the Jews.

Christians are supposed to have a different one because of the sacrifice on the cross. And that is why I don't have to pay attention to Jewish dietary laws and can eat Bacon to my heart's eventual attack/content. PRAISE JEEBUS!!!

I can't understand why they have a problem with me picking and choosing the parts of the Scriptures that I find relevant. They do it whenever it suits their purposes. For example, the mistaken belief that premarital sex is a form of adultery. Idjits... I'm going to put this in bold so that it will hopefully stick in their heads... ADULTERY IS CHEATING ON YOUR SPOUSE. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING AS TEENAGERS ALLOWING THEIR BIOLOGICAL URGES OVERRIDE THEIR (SUPPOSEDLY) BETTER JUDGMENT.

f.) Also, I got into the habit of not using the Latinized name 'Jesus Christ' because that wasn't the man's name. His name was Jeshua of Nazareth.

Also, 'Christ' is not a surname. It is a title. Specifically, it's the Greek equivalent to the Hebrew word 'Messiah', which means 'The Anointed One.' It would be more accurate to call him 'Jeshua the Savior' or something similar. However, when I point this out to people, they get angry. Why? I'm trying to help you here! You've probably been praying to a false idol all this time! :P

g.) Speaking of false idols, I don't pray to Saints. That Catholic practice (which a few other denominations also share) contradicts the 2nd Commandment: Thou shalt not worship false idols. And no, God does not need these Saints to filter through the many prayers he gets and decide which ones are worthy of a response. Being almighty means being able to go through your own divine inbox without the benefit of a secretary. Which leads us to...

h.) These so-called Christians seem to be very confused about my perception of God...

To me, He/She/It is an entity that is so infinitely more advanced than us that it is quite arrogant to think I'll ever understand Him. So, I regard Him as 'the Creator of all Things.' Many of the 'faithful' seem to think that definition is too nebulous and liberal. I can't see why. Do you honestly expect me to believe that he's some old man with a beard living in the sky and striking people down with a lightning bolt when they anger him? That sounds more like Zeus and Odin than the Holy Father. Try finding a verse in the Bible that describes God that way. I doubt you'll have any luck.

i.) I don't believe in the 'Fire and Brimstone' Hell because it's NOT even mentioned in the Bible.

It was something the Vatican made up in the Middle Ages as yet another Machiavellian means of social control. 'Put money in the plate or your gonna burn!'

To me, Hell, is non-existence. It means, as far as I can tell, that you go away for good once you shuffle off this plane of existence. Sadly, that depressing point of view is the one that seems to be advocated by virtually EVERY atheist I have ever encountered. Even if I could believe that there's no rhyme or reason as to why the Universe exists (and I don't since all the evidence I have seen points to a well-ordered plan of execution in its design), I would still reject that philosophy. It's depressing and there's no more evidence for or against it than the 'living in the clouds with God forever' kind of Heaven that some people swear is real.

j.) Speaking of Heaven, my opinion on that is pretty different too...

My idea is that you get to spend eternity doing whatever you enjoyed in life (or wanted to enjoy) forever with no negative consequences. I get to drive fast cars as fast as I want without getting a speeding ticket. I get to crank the stereo without hurting my ears. I get to screw LOTS of beautiful women without having to worry about surprise childbirths, STD's or broken hearts. That is Heaven for me. Heaven for you will be whatever your idea of Paradise is too. Doesn't that sound better than floating in the clouds forever or simply ceasing to exist?

3.) No, I don't believe much of anything the Bible says since I know most of it is just the opinions of various Hebrews that are long dead. Yes, I did read through it, too. Several versions, in fact...

It was one of the only books I was allowed to read in Basic Training and I had several versions to pick from so, I read them all. I contrasted and compared the different versions I had available to me. The message was generally the same but, some versions were much better than others. If anyone is looking for a *GOOD* English translation, I recommend the New International Version. The King James Version is total crap. I'm genuinely sad that I was coerced into using that version as a child instead of a good one like the New International Version.

Anyway, most of what you read in that compendium of books and open letters was not meant to be taken literally at all. You'd have to be nuts (or suffering from massive amounts of cognitive dissonance) to believe that the world was really made in 6 days or that the Great Flood actually happened. Also, by today's standards, St. Paul would probably be considered a woman-hating sexist and Chauvanist. Yet, most of the things associated with 'good Christian morals' these days came from those 14 letters of his in the New Testament. Thanks to the natural Neuro-typical tendency to NOT want to think for oneself, many will simply accept this because it was written in a book. Take a look at 1 Corinthians 7 sometime if you want to know where the church got most of it's opinions on marriage and family structures. Yes, it's all the opinion of St. Paul. Not all of it is bad but, there are things in there that many would probably find unsuitable to their life here in the modern world.

4.) The Ten Commandments were authored by Moses and not 'God's finger' or a burning bush up on Mt. Sinai? Who cares? That's not the point.

The Hebrews needed a legal system. Being primitive people, having a legal system handed down to them by a supreme being was a pretty good way to create a sense of social order and civilization that they would follow. Moses knew that and that is why he did it, assuming he was real. There isn't any evidence that I know of to support the idea of a mass-exodus of Hebrew slaves from Egypt or said Hebrews wondering around in the desert for 40 years. It is possible that this evidence simply faded away over the last few thousand years but, it's also possible that the Exodus and 40-year exile never happened.

Despite that, rules that ban murder, theft, adultery and lying are not bad things at all. Criticize the first 3 Commandments all you want. I don't care. The ones that ban murder, theft, adultery and lying are quite beneficial.

Also, I seem to remember someone once sarcastically asking 'Why was there no Commandment against rape?' or something similar. How am I supposed to know? I never met Moses and had a chance to ask him. There are some rules about rape in the Laws of the Torah but, I'm not Jewish so, they don't apply to me and I don't care. I don't need a rule to tell me that rape is wrong. Jews don't follow those rules quite so strictly anymore, either. Being the sensible people they usually are, they know the world has changed and many of the Laws of Moses don't make sense here in the modern world.

Finally, I think it's important to note that the ancient Hebrews had a very different definition of rape. For us, it's forcing yourself on someone against their will. In that time, it was sleeping with a young maiden before getting her father's permission to marry her and then going through the whole marital process. To them, it was more about property theft (i.e. you're stealing the girl's virginity from her father) rather than assaulting and traumatizing another person. The 'punishment' for that crime was for the rapist to marry his victim, which makes me wonder who's really being punished. Still want there to be some ancient biblical rule about rape?

5.) I don't need anyone to try to tell me the 'real' history of any faith tradition, especially Judeo-Christianity. I have already read those history books... And the apocryphal books too...

I know how the books of the Bible got there. I know why the Apocryphal books were rejected, despite being popular with some churches of the ancient Roman world. I read them when I was a teenager. Rejecting some of those books was actually a good idea.

For example, the Book of Jubilees was rejected because it suggested that Cain mated with one of his sisters after being exiled for Abel's murder. The Vatican didn't want incest to ever become even remotely acceptable in society so, the book was banned. That is probably one of the few times I find myself agreeing with the Vatican's decisions without any reservation.

They also rejected a few books discussing Jesus's adolescence. Some of these stories portrayed Jesus acting like a moody teenager (perish the thought!) and others showed him using his divine powers to kill and then re-animate animals just because he could. They were worried that this would hurt his image. I don't share that idea. I think it makes him look like a young man trying to find himself in the world, just like any other man that has ever lived. This makes him more relate-able and Human. Remember, he was living as a mortal man on Earth at the time. The part about killing the dove and then re-animating it after adults chastised him... Well, that is kinda disturbing and I can see why the Vatican got rid of that book. However, if you were the Son of God and had power over life and death, wouldn't you be curious to see how it worked? At least it was an animal and not a person!

And for those who keep bringing up Revelations...

There were two Revelations at one point. One from St. John and one from St. Peter. As for why they chose The Revelation of St. John over that of St. Peter, I don't really know. I guess the Revelation of St. John sounded appropriately apocalyptic enough and, in the minds of the Bishops at Nicaea, every good religion needed an 'end of the world' story. John's probably sounded better than Peter's to them.

My issue with this book is that some people think that it was meant to be accepted as fact and/or prophecy. BULLSHIT. It was a story that John told based on a nightmare he had. Nothing more. Didn't Jesus himself say in the Gospels that 'You will never know the day or the way that the world will end'? I do seem to remember reading something like that SOMEWHERE...

6.) Religions (and the 'social control' they supposedly create/enforce) are Bullshit. Faith is all you need.

Never did I read anything anywhere attributed to either God or Jesus that says 'Thou must be part of Church A because being part of Church B - Z will get you sent to Hell.' That is another attempt at social control. This might be necessary for some (I guess) but, it was never necessary for me. I am one of those rare individuals that ALWAYS thinks for himself and carefully weighs the options before making decisions.

Speaking of 'social control'... Not a single one of you Neurotypical Mortali Inferiori seem to get that through your skulls; religious, atheist or whatever. You just freak out when you find out that I'm not one of you, then you try to chastise/marginalize me, thinking that will somehow rectify the situation. Wrong again. Like any other time in my life, all you did was make me even more defiant. Even those who didn't believe in God still came to believe in a devil after they started pushing that button with me.

You're no more capable of getting me to conform to anything than I am to get some of you to think with logic instead of emotion. Even those of you who claim to advocate logic and reason don't do a good job of it most of the time. You're still letting your emotions seep into the thought process, especially if someone has the audacity to challenge you. Then, when I get bored with that idiocy and start ignoring you, I'm all of a sudden trying to dodge a debate? Bullshit. I JUST HATE WASTING TIME. You make bad arguments based on assumptions of what you think is going on in my head and couldn't be more wrong because, paradoxically, you think that I share other people's opinions. Then, you insist on accusing me of being the 'typical whatever' when I point out the flaw in what seems to be your premise? Even people who have known me for years (and should definitely know better than that by now) keep making that same mistake. Whisky Tango Foxtrot? That is not cool. I wouldn't do that to any of you.

So, do what I think Jesus was trying to tell me to do in so many words: DON'T BE A DICK!!!

And finally... Probably my worst 'social sin'...

7.) I don't care what you believe...

And this probably makes so-called Christians hate me more than anything in the world. I never try to exercise my own form of social-control and try to force my beliefs on others. This probably scares them too since it flies in the face of what they thought was normal Human behavior. Normal for you, perhaps... I don't believe in being an asshole. Let alone starting Crusades, launching Counter-Reformations, fighting Holy Wars or telling clergy they can't have sex/marry/procreate. That is definitely NOT what this 'Jesus Christ' person so many keep talking about wanted you to do.

- Lord Publius

More ideas for a Record Store...

While going through the (mostly) junk in my e-mail this morning, I came across a newsletter from about some self-proclaimed audiophile being stoked that a huge record store just opened near his home in Brooklyn. Why is this relevant to me and this blog? Well, I have on 4 other occasions posted ideas for a combined record/game store I'd love to have one day. Here are the links...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Now, this article I found this morning was interesting because it gave me more ideas. The idea of a music store NOT selling used vinyl and CD's isn't new. That used to be Standard Operating Procedure for the industry as a whole before MP3's and iTunes came along. I wouldn't mind doing that but, it might make the LP selection in my store a little sparse compared to CD's. Not every album gets an LP release, despite the format gaining popularity again. It's also not very likely that classic Rock albums that originally debuted on a LP years (or decades) before CD's existed will get LP re-releases again, either. That's just sad...

I do like the idea of having a space for in-store concerts and 'meet and greets' with Rock Stars but, that involves buying a large facility. The store in the article bought/converted an old warehouse. I PROBABLY couldn't do that if I started a used game store in Metairie. I probably could if the store was opened in New Orleans somewhere but, that defeats the purpose of having one close to the folks with spending cash out in the suburbs. There are also lots of warehouses in other parts of Jefferson Parish like Harahan and River Ridge but, that might still be too far for some of the people I'm trying to get as customers. You'd be surprised just how lazy some folks can be...

Anyway, I still want to make this happen someday. I'm also making a list of games I could take out of my personal collection to get the used game part of the store up and running right now. That will be in another post. Stay Tuned.

- Lord Publius

Monday, December 9, 2013

Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube) - James & Mike Mondays

It must be nice to sit around and get paid to play video games. I tried to get into that racket once before but, alas, it did not happen... :/

- Lord Publius

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Random Thoughts - 8 Dec 2013

1.) It's official. Jennifer Lawrence is being added to that list of Hollywood movie stars that I want to sleep with and that I wouldn't mind impregnating/marrying/whatever. She's just so sweet and innocent-looking... I just want to help her bring out her inner bad girl. ;)

2.) Also, I have been observing Jennifer's 'unusual' behavior. A part of me is wondering if she might be somewhere on the Spectrum too. That certainly would make her even more seemingly perfect... Those baby blue eyes of hers are lovely too. [/Swoon]

3.) The 'Redheads I don't want to screw' post was quite the attention-getter. Sooner or later, it will get a sequel... Or two...

4.) It has been snowing all day today from 0800 to 1400 hours. There's anywhere from 6 to 16 inches of snow on the ground, depending on where you take your measurements. Not that it matters because I'm not driving into work tomorrow. I may not even leave post all day.

5.) Posted a shitload of PanterA videos to my FB music group today, as tribute to Dimebag Darrell. On this day in 2004, he was shot by some asshole the Marines should have sent to the nuthouse instead of simply giving him a psych discharge. All the more reason why I'm glad I'm leaving the Army soon. As much as it horrifies me to say it, the DoD is just as inept as ANY other government agency.

6.) Some guy in England is saying his country could have catastrophic winters for the next 30 years. It's often difficult to predict the weather for the next week and you expect me to believe that you can predict the weather for the next 30 years? Did you eat an extra big bowl of Stupid this morning?

7.) Read some editorial from the local newspaper back home in NOLA today about Medicaid expansion and how the Governor refuses to take Federal money. It featured a LOT of BULLSHIT lines but, this one got my attention: "The most important reason to expand Medicaid, of course, is that it is the best way to provide health care coverage to poor Louisianians who are uninsured."


No, Dumbass. The best way to help poor Louisiana residents is to get them gainfully employed and making enough money to support themselves. No social problem was ever solved by the Government. All they do is create and/or exacerbate them.

8.) Kanye West is a fuckin' Dumbass. Why? Because, despite his opinions, Rap is NOT the new Rock'N'Roll. I have spoken!

9.) Also, isn't it ironic that a guy who talks/raps about NOT wanting to waste time on gold-diggers both knocked up and is planning to marry Kim Kardashian? Yeah... Like I said, DUMBASS.

10.) The writers for the next Star Trek movie have recently been announced. All I can say to them is DON'T fuck this up, Gentlemen. A lot of Trekkies around the world are depending on you to write a good flick. Also, this is the one that will be released for the 50th Anniversary in 2016 so, it's quite imperative that you NOT mess this one up, okay?!

11.) I tried to special order an album from Epica called 'Requiem for the Indifferent' (and the new Boston album) from the local record store yesterday but, neither were available on vinyl. WTF? The Boston album won't be available on vinyl until December 24th of all days but, that's too far into the future for me to make the order.  Also, I will eventually get the CD's from Amazon. Online is always going to be cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores on those kind of things.

Anyway, here's the video of my favorite song from that Epica album I tried to get...

12.) Yes, I know that Amazon sells LP's too. I have ordered a few from them years ago. The results were mixed. Some of the albums arrived fine and some of them arrived warped and unplayable, forcing me to return them. Not cool.

13.) Hmmm... Looks like Simone Simons (the gorgeous Redhead female lead singer in Epica) has a website/blog... Could be interesting...

- Lord Publius

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Something GOOD about early December...

There is a lot of bad things that happened around this time of year, namely a lot of Rock Stars passing away. (RIP, Dimebag Darrell) However, there are also good things that happened around this time of year. Yesterday, December 6th, marked the 34th Anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

That movie was a bit different from what most audiences expect out of Star Trek. It was (mostly) Hard Science Fiction that was heavily inspired by the Arthur C. Clarke novel 'Rendezvous with Rama.' However, it brought back the franchise in a huge way and made lots of money. Without this SFX-laden head trip of a film (and it's excellent soundtrack), the franchise would not exist today.

Also, the scene where Admiral James T. Kirk (and the audience) are introduced to the newly refitted/redesigned Enterprise was one of the most beautiful SFX scenes in cinematic history. So beloved was that one scene that it has been remade by 3D Modelers for years. This one below is the best I have found. Be sure to watch it in full 1080p resolution.

Also, there's this clip from the end of the movie. It shows the Enterprise emerging from the alien craft used by the entity known as V'Ger after it transcends to a higher level of consciousness. (I told you that it was Hard Science Fiction...) As you can see, the movie went out of its way to pay fan service to the Trekkies that worked for 10 years to get the franchise to make a comeback. I'm glad their efforts were successful. I can't imagine life without this franchise.

- Lord Publius

ADDENDUM: Also, on December 6th of 1991, as a tribute to the first movie's release, Paramount Pictures released the 6th film, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It was supposed to be the last featuring any members of the TOS crew. It was also the film released for the 25th Anniversary of the franchise.

RF Cables SUCK...

I recently had to get a 2nd AV Cable for a SEGA Dreamcast. I needed it because the 2nd Dreamcast I got during the Thanksgiving Weekend from a local record store came with a damned RF unit instead of the AV cables. Even worse, it was a 3rd Party one from Mad Catz. As Eric Cartman would say, that is really fuckin' weak! (Not to mention a pretty weak audiovisual signal compared to RCA Composite cables...)

Just an FYI here, kiddies. If the system commonly had AV cables of some kind (RCA Composite, RGB, S-Video, HDMI, et al.), include those with the system. RF units are BULLSHIT on anything past the 16-Bit era because modern HDTV's can't natively use them. RF units send out an interlaced signal and ALL HDTV sets are Progressive Scan. While you can get a system with an RF unit/cable to work on HDTV sets (usually by plugging them into the coax input on the back of a VCR/DVR/DVD/Blu-Ray or some other movie playing device) it can also be a huge pain in the ass. Even if the system works, you can forget about using any light guns like the NES Zapper. They used the CRT in an old Tube TV to work. I'm not sure if the same applies to a Super NES Super Scope since that thing came with it's own Infrared Sensor. I'll have to test that some day...

Anyway, as for RF Units...


- You're excused on older SEGA systems that rarely had them (Genesis and Saturn) or never had any RCA cables (SG-1000 and Master System) but, there's no excuse with the Dreamcast. Those consoles were packed with AV cables, not crappy RF units. Using an RF cable on a 128-Bit console that was nothing but PURE EXCELLENCE like the Dreamcast should be outlawed.

- That being said, some 3rd Party operations have made RCA cables for the Genesis Model 1, Model 2 and Model 3. I strongly recommend getting them. Amazon sells them cheap.


- There's also no excuse for ANY Nintendo console, except the NES Top-loader which only has RF Output.

- The 'Toaster Model' NES had AV ports on the side, namely red and yellow RCA plugs. White wasn't included because it's sound output was in Mono. However, using those composite outputs, you can play NES natively on a modern HDTV, minus the Zapper games.

- Super NES, N64 & GameCube all used the same RCA Composite cables. Even if Nintendo no longer makes them, LOTS of 3rd party companies do. They are not hard to find, either. Amazon has them by the boatload.

- The Wii used a different RCA cable and had a custom RGB cable as well. Neither of them are hard to find and are probably still on store shelves since Wii hasn't been discontinued yet.

- The WiiU came packed with an HDMI cable. It can re-use the same AV cables from Wii. I don't care since I use the HDMI cable. :P

Sony Consoles

- Did any of them have an RF unit available? I've never seen one. I don't imagine this being available for anything past PS1. RCA cables for that console are easy to find since the same ones were used on both PS1 & PS2. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Early PS1 consoles had simple RCA outputs that would accept any RCA composite cable with the Red, White & Yellow plugs. Why did Sony change that, besides finding a new way to make money?)

- PS3 & PS4 seem to be HDMI-only and that is the way it should be...

ATARI Consoles...

- Sadly, ALL of these came with RF cables and sometimes (bleech!) those damned manual switchboxes. Do yourself a favor and bypass those pieces of junk and get a Coax (Male) to RCA Phono (Female) adapter. That eliminates the switchbox and plugs directly into the Coax port on your old-school Tube TV or the coax input on one of the previously mentioned devices.

- The RF cable is attached to the 2600 & 5200 models so, you won't have to worry about finding them. There are ways of soddering RCA cables onto the motherboard of the 2600 but, I'm not comfortable doing that...

- There are 2 models of the 5200, both with different RF connections. The 1st version has 4 player controller ports and uses a weird proprietary box that screws into the TV's coax port. This thing had both the RF cable and AC adapter plugging into it at once. It didn't take Atari long to put out another model that used a standard arrangement for connecting the RF and AC adapters. Too bad it took them NINE revisions to fix the controllers... And that it was already too late by the time they did...

- The RF cable for the 7800 is detachable. It uses the same one as every console and TV-Compatible computer of the late 1970's and 1980's, including the Atari 2600 redesign known as the '2600jr.'. Get the Coax-to-Phono adapter for this one too.

- Be sure that RF cable that you use on your 7800 is free of corrosion and patina on the copper contacts. That will interfere with the video signal's transmission to the monitor.

- The Jaguar is an oddity in just about every way. The RF cable is no exception. I have no idea if Atari ever sold AV cables for it at any time. The RF unit that comes with it is a bit flaky and can fall apart or fail to function. If that happens, just replace it with a RF unit from the NES. Yes, the gray box with wires that connected your Nintendo Entertainment System to a TV set for decades works on the Atari Jaguar. As crazy as that sounds, it does work. I have done this for myself. The inputs on the back of the console are exactly the same as the NES. Score one for standardized parts! :)

Coleco, INTV, Commodore/Atari 8-Bit/TI-99 computers, et al...

- Same advice as the Atari 7800 console. The cable should be the same. And be sure to get the damned adapter!

- Lord Publius

Friday, December 6, 2013

Today was a pretty good day... For game collecting...

I went down to Play Raven again this afternoon. There was not a single thing on any of my wish lists in the store inventory today, except a Super Advantage joystick for the Super NES. That's good to have, especially if I realize my dream of creating an arcade cabinet that I can put systems into so the games have an old-school arcade feel. That works out especially well for Super NES titles of mine that are arcade classic compilations, fighters or arcade-style shooters. I could use an NES console for that idea as well since I have numerous arcade ports and shooters on that system as well. (Not to mention 2 of the NES Advantage joystick and 3 of the consoles...)  The store's owner has also been talking about getting an arcade machine for the store but, alas, t here has been no progress on that yet. What a shame...

I had also picked up a spare AV cable for SEGA Dreamcast, Super R.C. Pro-Am for Game Boy and Ridge Racer for PS1 as well. The cable was something I needed since the 2nd Dreamcast I got during the Thanksgiving Weekend from the local record store came with a damned RF unit instead of the AV cables. RF units are BULLSHIT on anything past the 16-Bit era. There will soon be a blog post about that and just how much I truly HATE & DESPISE them. Stay tuned.

Beyond that, I hung out at the shop until closing, socializing with the other customers (some I've seen and spoken with before) and the owner, Victor. I seem to be doing that a lot, which is good since I need more socialization anyway. Besides the usual shop and industry talk, we got onto other strange subjects like Pro-Wrestling and even this blog.

Pro Wrestling came up because of a few old Wrestling games for NES being traded in today. 3 of them were complete in box. The person who traded in those games (along with 2 Genesis consoles and a LOT of Guitar Hero stuff for PS3) also mentioned a TI-99/4A computer to Victor. That piqued my interest since I recently acquired a small box of cartridge games and programs for that ancient computer. I told that guy that I was quite interested but, Victor gets first right of refusal. After all, it is his store. I don't want any potentially shady deals like when I bought a few Atari Jaguar games from a guy in the store's parking lot out of the trunk of his car. Victor didn't care since he wasn't going to get those games but, it still felt wrong.

As for this blog... Well, this blog became part of the discussion because some people have seen links to it on Play Raven's FB page. They seem to like it, especially when I post something about video games. I have delved int othat subject a lot since it is a special interest of mine. However, it was never the primary focus. In fact, I don't believe there is a primary focus. Does the blog even need one?

Anyway, the 'Redheads I don't wanna screw' post came up... Which I found humorous. They specifically mentioned it as being a surprise and a bit raunchy too. Just wait until you read the sequel, gentlemen. It won't be as raunchy but, it will still be hilariously inappropriate. Violating Taboos and Social Mores is part of what makes Humor funny.

On a final note, I have mulled over going to this game store in Westminster called 'Save Point', just to check them out. I have been told that they are incredibly expensive and that I shouldn't go there with any expectations. I'm not sure I have any but, we shall see. I have done some research on the place and discovered that the owner is a SEGA freak. He may have some of those Genesis games I want but haven't found yet. Also, Victor, don't forget what I said about getting more Atari 7800 games. You know all too well that I'll scoop them up the moment you get them. I'll even provide a list of what I'm looking for in the 7800 & SEGA departments here for easy reference.

Also Victor, next time you have someone come in mentioning that he has an Atari Jaguar, do ANYTHING it takes to convince him to sell. I don't care if you have to rob his ass at gunpoint! After all, you do have a buyer lined up waiting for one. ;)

- Lord Publius


Atari 7800

European-market gamepad controller (They did eventually make it to American shores...)

Alien Brigade
Fatal Run
Ninja Golf
Planet Smashers

SEGA Genesis

Beavis & Butt-Head (Super NES version is also acceptable.)
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
Castlevania Bloodlines
Comix Zone
Cool Spot
Earthworm Jim
Virtua Racing

SEGA Saturn

Alien Trilogy (The PS1 version of this might also be acceptable.)
Radiant Silvergun (RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE Japanese Import)
Saturn Bomberman
SEGA Rally Championship
SEGA Touring Car Championship
Virtua Racing (Assuming the Genesis version cannot be acquired...)

SEGA Dreamcast
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux
Jet Grind Radio
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Looney Tunes: Space Race
Soul Calibur

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lesbian Lover’s Quarrel Ended with Ninja Combat...


I have to admit, this does sound like the set-up for an awesome porn-influenced action movie. I'd probably watch it just for the laughs it would generate...

- Lord Publius

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Redheads that I *don't* want to screw

I had an interesting conversation at work today about Redheads and my obsession with them. The guys asked me which Redhead(s) I don't want to sleep with... and I started coming up with a mental list for a future blog post. There's a few entries on there that might surprise you all too.

So, without further ado, I present my list of Redheads I won't sleep with and the reasons why...

1.) Any Female Redhead friend of mine that is married...

Even if they were swingers or something (and at least one might qualify under a very liberal definition of that term), I still just can't bring myself to do that sort of thing... In my mind, it's just all kinds of wrong. You don't go spelunking in someone else's cave, man. That's just disrespectful.

Yes, I know married couples are/were supposed to be faithful to each other so that there would be no questions about the parentage of the children born to the woman. Thanks to Maury Povich, I'm also well aware that we have ways of testing the child's DNA and ensuring that a married woman's lover is 100% NOT the father. Either way, I don't care. No married man should ever have to wonder whether or not the kid his wife bore is really his or not. Period.

2.) Christina Hendricks...

Surprised? Don't be. The reason here is the same as #1. She's married. That also keeps me from FAPPING to her too. That can be awfully frustrating since she's the actress that inspired the phrase 'I'll be in my bunk' on that episode of Firefly. And yes, I know she's not a true Ginger. I don't care. She's still hawt and her husband is one lucky son of a bitch.

3.) Lindsay Lohan...

Some guys like drunken slut-whores with a coke habit that can talk them into doing terrible things. Not me. I'd be afraid to tap that ass. There's no telling who (or what) has had all of them holes. There's also no telling what kind of creepy-crawly kinds of nastiness that the CDC hasn't even discovered yet might be slathered all over/taking up residence in her vagina. (Not to mention her mouth and asshole...)

Also, her family is so fucked up that they make the Kardashians look like the Brady Bunch by comparison. I wouldn't touch this broad with an Arab's dick, and those guys are so desperate for pussy that they propose marriage to hookers in German brothels.

4.) The (mostly Lesbian) Porn Star called Jayden Cole (aka Ashley Summers)...

I used to enjoy watching this broad. Then, in an interview, she admitted that she thought Bill Maher was sexy. That shows pretty poor taste since he's ugly and a real ASSHOLE to boot. If her profession wasn't enough to scare me off (and it most likely would since that job would preclude any chance of her being loyal and faithful to me), then her bad taste in Men certainly did the trick.

5.) Any Redhead co-workers of mine in the Army; Past, Present OR Future...

Workplace romances don't work. Ever. I learned that the hard way when I became enamored with (and then pursued) a female friend of mine while serving in Korea. It didn't end well, mostly because she was a psycho... and just not ready for the kind of relationship that I would have wanted. I learned a valuable lesson from that experience. Even if the woman isn't the 'typical female soldier' that the Drill Sergeants warned me about in BCT, their sage-like advice still holds true: Stay AWAY from them. They are not the ones you want.

Almost all female soldiers have a LOT of psychological baggage (or will after serving in uniform for a little while) and it's probably not worth the time and effort. I really hate saying that since I know a few who are NOT psycho and would make very good wives and mothers (assuming they aren't already) but, it's not even a big concern anymore. I'm leaving the Army soon and there won't be many military females in the place where I'm going to settle down and start life over.

If this one proves popular enough, I might do a short list of the Redheads that I would like to screw. It should be at least as hilariously offensive as this one.

- Lord Publius

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random thoughts for 1 Dec 2013

It's been a while since I did a 'Random Thoughts' type of note for a blog or Facebook Note so, here we go...

1.) About Sesame Street... Of all things...

- Yeah... I'm not letting future children of mine watch that crap. The show has been pussified since I watched it as a child in the 1980's.

- Elmo needs to go. Period. His character offers NOTHING of value to the show.

- Cookie Monster doesn't even eat cookies anymore! They have him eating vegetables instead. WTF? There was a reason why Cookie Monster was always trying to get cookies like a Junkie looking for that next hit. It's because HE WAS DESIGNED TO BE A JUNKIE. That way, kids know what a Junkie looks like and who they should avoid. Or, that's my theory anyway...

- I hear they also got rid of the Count. Again, WTF? How are kids going to learn to count numbers now? Pay attention in Pre-K? (You think I'm joking but, I'm not. Have you ever known a child of 4 years or younger to have much of an attention span?)

- No, I don't care if some kids supposedly were afraid of The Count, either. He's just a God-damned puppet! Tell that whiny little bitch of a kid to sack up and learn to deal. In fact, it is NEVER to early to tell kids to sack up and deal. The sooner they learn, the less this world will be able to fuck with them. Better yet, have the Count smack them around a little. I strongly suspect that he was always dressed as a pimp (cane, cape, monocle, et al.) for damned good reason.


2.) About auto repairs...

- $626.78 after 15% discount via coupon. That is what it cost me to have my brakes serviced today. Good thing that I save my money for just this sort of occasion, huh? Apparently, there was more issues than just the pads and rotors on the front end needing replacement, like I thought. However, this is the first time I've had to mess with those front brakes since 2006 so, I got my money's worth out of them.

- Better yet, the new ones are some of those 'lifetime' brakes that supposedly outlast the vehicle. I guess we shall see about that one...

- Now that I think of it, I was also probably paying for the convienence of having a good mechanic available on the weekend... And a holiday weekend at that... Whatever. It was worth it just to make sure my vehicle is in top condition. Bad brakes and winter weather conditions in Yankee-land is NOT a good combination. Besides, it's Christmas time. My truck deserves a present for being so good to me this year... And every other year I have had the vehicle. [/Screw Imports!]

- No, I didn't put off these repairs. The brakes didn't start acting/feeling weird until I drove back to my residence from work last Wednesday afternoon.


3.) About all the new video games I have been acquiring as of late...

- PS3 games are practically being given away on Amazon. When various titles in the God of War franchise are being sold for $20 or less, then you know that the idiots who adopt new consoles early have depressed the market for the older consoles. The same can be applied to other hit PlayStation franchises like Ratchet & Clank and great 3rd party titles like Mortal Kombat. Works for me. Now I get to add those last few PS3 titles I wanted to my collection for next to nothing... I picked a great time to get into PS3. :)

- Got the new Mario game on WiiU. Something tells me that I am about to spend a LOT more time with my WiiU as well. :)

- Got the new Zelda game for 3DS. At the risk of sounding entirely too ghetto for a White Boy, that game is on point, son! The only reason I'm not playing it right now is because my 3DS needs to recharge. That is how good that game is, kids. I damned near drained the battery in my 3DS playing that game earlier today while waiting on my truck.

- Also, I think I might be better at Zelda games than I remembered. I haven't had to look at the game guide I bought for it yet and I've already knocked out several dungeons. This game does give you hints to point you in the right direction but, that hardly matters. The puzzles are still esoteric enough to make you think. I'm glad that I bought this game. VERY glad... :)


4.) About sometimes easily acquired (and surprisingly legal) POTENTIAL Weapons of Mass Destruction...

- So, I came across this link to a humorous list of 7 things you won't believe are legal on, via their Facebook page. Truthfully, I already knew about some of those things being legal, even if they weren't necessarily desirable. Why would I want to smoke Salvia? I can trip out and go into Lala-land, without having to smoke ANYTHING, at anytime that I want. That is just a part of the awesome beauty of having Asperger's Syndrome.  :)

- Anyway, I thought about the things I'd like to do with the items on that list that would be cool to have, even if I couldn't afford some of them. Namely, I'm lookin' at # 1, 2, 5 & 7. They are must-haves... ESPECIALLY 2 and 7...

- Ah, the beautiful havoc and awesome destruction I could unleash with those items... It just brings a wry smile and a tear of joy to this embittered soldier's face...

- No, I'm NOT planning anything nefarious. Don't start freaking out. I'm just chuckling at the thought of melting a few cars from Toyota (or just about any other import brand, really) with Thermite (1)... Set off by a Flamethrower (7)... After I turned it into a 'Bonnie and Clyde Special' with a freakin' Mini-Gun (2)... And then blast the rest to even smaller pieces with some Tannerite (5).

Combine that with some Pantera and you will have the most METAL YouTube video EVER.



And now that this is done, I'm going to take a nap. Like all old people who make the mistake of staying up late the night before, I am VERY tired.

- Lord Publius