Sunday, June 21, 2015

Why the music business is going down the toilet

You know what's really sad about the music business today? This fruitloop and his throwaway pop song actually sounds better than just about ANYTHING on radio today. And I'm pretty sure this song was supposed to be some kind of gay sex joke. WTF, music business?

Forget illegal downloading, the reason record companies lose money is because they're releasing a shitty product! I have spoken!

- Lord Publius

Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

Q: How do people become Islamic extremists and terrorists?

A: The same way that people became a Nazi or a Communist. They were promised change in a corrupt society via violent overthrow of a bad government, only to get one that's even worse.

There's a reason why it's called 'Islamofascism', folks. They are not just a Middle East problem or a nuisance to the West. They are this generation's 'Face of Evil', just as the Axis Powers were for my grandparents and the Soviets for my parents. They are literally the new form of Totalitarian EVIL in the world today.

We aren't going to just destroy them with perpetual war, either. At best, that will just be a very costly way of keeping them contained to the Middle East and too occupied to launch many attacks against Western targets. We'll ultimately destroy them the same way that we destroyed the Soviets: forcing them to try and compete with us through economics and ideology. That's a fight that no one can ever win against us. Despite what the enemy and their fifth column in the Democratic Party will say, NOTHING beats a Free Republic that also embraces Free Enterprise.

- Lord Publius

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Exposing how some Women attempt to manipulate Men... and laughing at them.

I've been doing a LOT of research on Modern Feminism as of late, including the natural male response with this 'Men's Rights movement' and the phenomena called MGTOW. I'm not sure what to think about the Men's rights movement or MGTOW just yet. I'll never count myself among their members since I'm not a fan of joining groups.

Needless to say, Modern Feminism left me disturbed on many levels. It's not just another form of Communist BULLSHIT, it's also decidedly anti-male. (And probably run by butch lesbians trying to ruin things for women so they can have better chances of getting a date.) It also made me wonder if marriage was even a good idea anymore. Who wants to get stuck with some manipulative witch that will just leave me homeless and broke in the eventual divorce? That is also the principle reason why so many Millennials are refusing to marry these days. It's not in our best interest. That's pretty sad for those of us who might actually want to get married some day.

Then, while watching the embedded video above and seeing what typical female manipulation tactics are, I realized I don't have anything to worry about here. Thanks to...

1.) Prior experience
2.) Observing other people with their experiences and learning from those mistakes
3.) Asperger's Syndrome and

...there's just no way for any woman to mess with my heart or mind. And I'm sure many women have tried without me even realizing it, thanks to the Asperger's Syndrome.

I can be pretty forgiving of most things since I know that no Human being is perfect. However, I do have various lines that shouldn't be crossed. Plotting to have me assassinated, like the EVIL CUNT described in the video above, would certainly qualify as one of those lines. That, and disloyalty, nagging, wagging the finger at me, acting like a mother figure when you're NOT my mother, etc. etc. etc.

Ladies, you may feel free to play your games if you wish but, don't expect to get far. I'm never going to sign over a house or car to you, nor get married without an airtight pre-nup protecting my assets. Although, if it's any consolation, I will thoroughly enjoy the Blow Jobs... Well, unless you suck dick like Paris Hilton. That broad was so awful in her homemade porno (Link is to the Wikipedia page about the flick) that her co-star Rick Saloman was actually laughing at her while she attempted to perform fellatio on him. I know the damned thing looked like a third leg Paris but, you could have at least made the attempt!

- Lord Publius

Friday, June 12, 2015

Because I live to offend...

How about some light-hearted, incredibly offensive humor?
It couldn't have been that bad... at first. He did have 2 kids with her before deciding to cut off his own baby-maker...
Something tells me that he wouldn't care, Chelsea...


Lolz... There's only one ex-love interest of mine that this applies to and so far, that psycho is staying in the ancient past where she belongs...

Don't tell me it hurts, either. It can be done in a way where it doesn't hurt. Even when it does hurt, it hurts a LOT less than having a kid.

Even Candy is racist now? WTF?


As far as I know, this doesn't apply to any other nationality of Latina.

Actually, it turned 18 in September of 2014.

Reagan sure was good at terminating Leftists... I miss him...

I find this pic disturbing on many levels...

SJW's, man...

SJW's, man...

SJWario's, man... :P

Brothers and Sisters, can I get an AMEN?! [/Black Preacher voice]


Forget the beer, I'd rather hook up with those two hot chicks.

I should use this on Facebook pretty readily and often...

White Privilege is BULLSHIT.

White Privilege is BULLSHIT.
1st date...

Calling yourself 'curvy' when you are really just fat is not going to fool ANYONE, honey. Sorry...

Fuckin' Feminazi...

So that is what a Feminazi thinks whenever she looks at my Facebook page, blog or long-neglected YouTube channel...

Modern Feminism is for the birds...

She's a keeper... :)

And you believed him... :P

Guys, do yourselves a favor: avoid women like this like they were infested with the damned plague.

This dude wins the Internet.

And the complaints from SJW losers and Feminazis come pouring into the comment section in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

- Lord Publius

Monday, June 8, 2015

Project Polybius

'Project Polybius ' is what I have decided to call the project that will result in me having my own MAME cabinet one day... Or an arcade cabinet with a TV and a few old consoles inside... One of the two...

The name came from an old urban legend about an incredibly addicting arcade game that was quickly pulled from its test market in Oregon. It also supposedly had 'Men in Black' regularly showing up in arcades to record high scores and people's reactions to the game. That's just creepy enough to make me glad that this game never actually existed. Besides, the Federal government isn't smart or devious enough to do something as evil as mind control to citizens. They can't even manage good social control with something that's actually real and quite evil like the U.S. Tax Code. Also, why would the Feds want to test this mind control device posing as a video game in Oregon of all places? That seems like a pretty random choice...

Either way, it should make for a cool name/conversation piece/WTF?! moment for gamers in the know when they see my home-made arcade cabinet. As this picture of a home-made cabinet using the name demonstrates, it can look pretty intimidating and weird.


Consoles to use with Project Polybius (since I have Arcade style joystick controllers for them...)


Atari 2600*




Master System*



* = I have a few joystick controllers for them that might provide an 'arcade feel', if the console was put inside of an arcade cabinet. Those would be WICO Command Control sticks for the Atari 2600 and the Control Stick for the SEGA Master System.

** = All of these systems would be using an arcade joystick that I have, which works with PS1/2/3 & PC straight out of the box. It also works with GameCube, Wii and XBOX 360 when you have the right adapter. I don't have an adapter for XBOX 360 because that console is not in my collection. It's too unreliable.

And no, I won't be putting all of those consoles in the arcade cabinet at once. It would take up too much room. What I have in mind is just putting a PS2 slim and my Retron 3 in there, which gives me 6 systems to choose from: NES, SNES, Game Boy (via the Super GameBoy accessory for the SNES, which does work on a Retron 3) SEGA Genesis, PS1 & PS2. Those 5 systems would provide thousands of games that can be played WITHOUT me having to modify the cabinet or even change out the controllers very often. I don't know when this beast will be made but, when it is, it will be AWESOME. [/Insert Mad Scientist laugh here]

- Lord Publius

Friday, June 5, 2015

Why men don't want to get married anymore...

The title might be a little misleading for me. I do very much want to be married someday when I find the right woman to be Mrs. Publius. However, it's becoming more and more difficult to find suitable mates. It's not just because I'm in my 30's and every friend of mine (and all their friends that they might have set me up with) seems to be married now. A large part of the problem is that various Left-wing agitators have put some BAD ideas in women's minds.

So, in response to this video above...

1.) Women ruined marriage for us by making it something that could end at ANY time for virtually any reason.

Even worse, we also end up losing our money, house, car and almost any rights/access to our own children. If I wanted to take those kinds of expensive risks on a woman, I'll just go shack up with a 'professional partner' in Las Vegas. It would be a LOT cheaper and probably a lot more fun.

2.) Speaking of kids, we have noticed that a LOT of you already have at least one (if not more) before you're married. That could be a problem...

Some of us may be cool with raising someone else's child but, many of us are not. After all, the point of starting a family is so that we can perpetuate our own legacy, not adopting someone else's child and giving the child our Surname. This doesn't necessarily apply to blended families where both partners in the marriage have children from prior marriages and/or relationships.

3.) Also, the fact that you have one (or more) out of wedlock kids shows us that you are probably VERY irresponsible when it comes to selecting a mate.

Whether you intended to or not, you got played. And if the asshole that dishonored you isn't raising his child or paying child support, then you really got played. A woman who's that foolish might not be desirable as a mate for many varied reasons. Again, this doesn't necessarily apply to blended families where both partners in the marriage have children from prior marriages and/or relationships.

4.) Many of you are not keeping yourselves in shape.

No matter how you try to sell it, I am NOT ever going to be interested in fat chicks. They are NOT healthy and will probably pass bad genetics on to my children. (Assuming that the fat chick is healthy enough to conceive and give birth...) No, this is NOT fat-shaming, it's just the cold, honest truth. How am I going to mate with you if you can't even make my penis erect? Furthermore, why would I want to mate with you if you can't make my penis erect? I know that sounds mean but, would you want someone to lead you on or just tell you the truth right at the start?

And PLEASE don't give me that 'bad genetics' excuse. We both know that's not true with most people. And for those that actually do have serious health problems because of genetics, finding a mate is probably the least of their concerns/priorities.

5.) 'Third Wave' Feminism and the 'Social Justice Warriors' (usually just referred to as Man-haters and/or Militant Lesbians) that perpetuate those bad ideas discussed in the above video also ruined things.

They have gone out of their way to convince women that men were all evil or that you somehow didn't need us. I really wish that more women would reject those fools outright. They didn't do you any favors by telling you that you didn't need a man for any reason at all. You do need us and we need you too. That's part of being a sexually dimorphic species. If it takes a man to create a child, it should also (ideally) take that same man to help raise the child. Being a defiant misandrist is no way to find a good boyfriend or husband. You may find some Beta Male but, you'd never respect him and that relationship will falter and fail. Trust me. Men that don't act like men don't really deserve to procreate, anyway...

- Lord Publius

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Response to 'Imagine What It's Like To Live With High-Functioning Autism'

My mother sent me this video over Facebook. Here's my response to what it says...

1.) I don't like Florescent lights. After a while, they cause me to have eye strain and headaches. I know that NT's often have that same problem. Why are those lights even used? Are they more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs? How about CFL's and LED's?

2.) I can read facial expressions pretty well. It's rare that I have that problem.

3.) I can focus on an individual voice in a crowd without much difficulty.

4.) I find showers to be quite enjoyable.

5.) School could be a pain in the ass at times... Especially when that 'school' is really a football-worshiping cult... Do your kids a favor, folks. DON'T send them to a religious school, especially if that school makes a LOT of money from their athletic department.

6.) Has sarcasm ever really been a problem for me? I thought that was my preferred method of communication for a lot of years... :P

7.) Living in a strange, chaotic and hostile world? So, basically, what they are describing here is 'feeling like a perpetual immigrant' or a 'Stranger in a Strange Land.' I know that feeling all too well... I'm pretty sure that's how all Aspies feel when dealing with a world setup for NT's. As crazy as we seem to you, you often seem quite crazy to us too. After all, don't you people regularly allow your hearts to override your brain? That's why God created Aspies. We are the ones who developed all the trappings of civilization (Language, agriculture, mathematics, science, et al.) and keep it moving forward. And it would have progressed a LOT further if we didn't constantly have to fix whatever you NT's broke.

- Lord Publius