Sunday, January 29, 2017

Decisions made by President Trump that I find questionable...

This one is going to be short and sweet. It will also be decisively inoffensive. I'm not interested in being nasty to people anymore.

That being said, the last few posts in this blog have been rather pro-Trump in their tone. So, to balance things out, we need a post that's not pro-Trump or necessarily anti-Trump. There are 3 issues (so far) that leave me feeling puzzled about his motives and actions. They are as follows:

1.) Paying for the Mexican Border Wall

That tariff will just increase costs for Americans buying goods from Mexico. Essentially, it makes Americans pay for it instead of the Mexican govrnment. I figured something like that was going to happen when he first started talking about this wall during the election.

Whatever does happen, we definitely need to strengthen the security on that border. This issue is not going to have an easy solution (and not many really do) but, I'm sure the kinks can be worked out. He has started the process by tripling the number of Border Patrol agents. He has also seemed receptive to doing something else besides imposing a tariff after business interests and private citizens alike expressed their disapproval of the idea. It's refreshing to have an elected official that actually listens to his constituents.

2.) The Federal hiring freeze

The Federal government often has a lot of positions it can't fill easily, if at all. This temporary hiring freeze makes it that much more difficult to get those positions filled. After all, the VA definitely needs more doctors and nurses. That is especially true for the new VA hospital that's opening here in New Orleans pretty soon.

I do understand why he wanted to institute this hiring freeze. It's part of his efforts to 'drain the swamp' and cut down on government bureaucracy. However, that also limits my options in finding a new career to replace being an Insurance Adjuster. I probably wouldn't want to work for the Federal government again but, it was still nice to have the option... I guess...

Actually, no. It's not really that much of a concern. Working for Uncle Sam was bad enough the first time around when I was in the Army. I'm not going to make the same mistake twice.

3.) Forbidding Government Scientists from releasing their findings to the public

Why on Earth is he (supposedly) forbidding scientists from releasing their research data to the public? The public does pay for that research through tax dollars...

Is this an effort to ensure that incomplete data doesn't get released and end up misleading the public? Is this because of how he and most other Republicans consider global warming to be a scam? Or, maybe it's just as simple as the Trump administration reordering things they want them to be, just like all administrations do. That would be the most logical conclusion.

Of course, government scientists decided to release the data anyway out of spite through social media. Looks like they bought into the non-sensical left-wing media narrative about President Trump being the 'Cheeto Hitler'... And here I am, just sitting here thinking 'is this little pissing match really necessary?'

I'm not even sure how much Federal government science is actually being withheld from the public. NASA is still putting out stuff on their website. Something tells me that this is just another of those ways that the Media is desperately trying to besmirch the man's reputation. It's getting about as pathetic as it is desperate.


If anything else catches my attention, I'll be sure to post about that too.

- Publius

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