Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My own Starbase, heh?

So, I'm scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and see this delightful little gem for my meme collection...

Such a dangerous question to ask...

...And I have several different answers to the question it poses.

1.) 23rd Century Prime Timeline solution

- Constitution Class Refit or Excelsior Class Refit for the Flagship. (I'd like to have both.)

- Miranda Class for the Cruiser.

- A few stolen Klingon Birds of Prey retrofitted with Starfleet technology for the 'fighters'.

2.) 24th Century Prime Timeline solution

- Galaxy or Sovereign Class Flagship. (I'd like to have both.)

- Nebula Class Cruiser.

- A whole fleet of Defiant Class 'Escort' ships for the fighters... (The Borg would be soooooo fucked if they attacked that base.)

3.) Mixed franchise solution

- A large carrier vessel like the Battlestar Galactica from NuBSG for the flagship.

-  Galaxy or Sovereign Class for the Cruiser.

- A whole fleet of X-Wings from Star Wars for the fighters.