Thursday, March 17, 2016

RIP, Rachell A McMillan

Life, the Universe and Everything abhor an imbalance. I should have known something bad would happen today to offset the good thing that happened. (i.e. FINALLY getting through to the VA and getting one of the appointments I needed so badly...)

I can't say that I knew Rachel well. I can't remember her from High School at all. I rarely remember anyone outside of the small group of people I called Friends. In fact, there's a LOT of gaps in my memory about those days. I guess there were a lot of things I just didn't want to remember.

All the mutual friends we had kept me in the loop by posting about her a lot. And this has been going on for a long time, at least 2 years now. I'm sure I was still in Uniform when my Primo Amore first informed me by inviting me to join a support page on Facebook. So, it had to be at least 2 years now.

I never said anything because, I really didn't know what to say. Despite some of the amazing things that I can do, the kind of miracles Rachel would have needed were well beyond my powers. I was never quite sure if I was doing the right thing or not. I don't know if there was anything that I could have done or should have tried. There's also no telling if Rachel would have even remembered me. If she did, it probably would have been as the strange fellow in black that was very misunderstood.

Anyway, I am glad she no longer has to suffer from that virulent case of breast cancer that ruined her life years before it finally ended earlier today. I don't know why the Reaper decided to be so cruel and make her wait for him so long. When my Grandmother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2012, the doctors gave her 2 weeks. She passed 3 days later, watching TV in her living room. If someone has to die from Cancer, it should be quick and relatively painless, like Grandma. Anything else just reminds me of the Book of Job, making me think that God is testing someone for some reason. Forgive me for questioning the Creator's decisions (assuming He was involved) but, I think there are better methods he could use.

- Lord Publius

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I'm going back into writing hardcore...

I have recently decided to get back into writing in the following ways:

1.) I'll finish a series of blog posts that I started ages ago...

I started a series on this blog about my misadventures in Advanced Individual Training for the Army years ago at Fort Gordon. It was called 'How I conquered TRADOC'. Part Zero was already posted on 24 May 2015. I will finish it since everything has already been written. It just needs some polish and to be posted.

2.) I'm going to finish that Sci-Fi novel I started years ago in 2011...

I recently joined a sci-fi writers group at a local library, looking to get a few more eyeballs on a sci-fi novel I started years ago but, never finished. It should help to make sure that I don't lose direction and end up with a story that meanders through one plot after another.

I first put this one aside because I didn't know where I wanted to take the story but, now I do. I got inspired by reading about some really weird ideas espoused by Physicists in the last 5 or 6 decades, things like Dyson Spheres, Matrioshka Brains, the Kardashev Scale and many others.

I found a lot of inspiration from old Atari arcade games too. Yes, I know that sounds weird. Yes, it will be quite a compelling drama. I just hope I can keep it from reading like a novel, TV episode or film from the Star Trek franchise. One of the reeasons why I put it aside for so long was because it was just too much like Star Trek. However, I think I've addressed that problem. Also, I realized one of the characters was a bit of a Mary Sue, despite not being all that young. So, he's going to need a bit of a re-write.

I won't reveal too much of the story's plot or its name because, I don't have an official one just yet. However, I can tell you the overall theme/moral lesson of the story: Don't poke the bear.

3.) I have started writing articles about video games for the website of an old friend called Fortis Core.

I'll be focusing on older games, for the most part. I was asked to join the group to be the 'wise old sage' of the group and focus on the classics. The first article should be posted soon.

- Lord Publius