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How to date supposedly crazy women from around the world...

We've all heard the line about how women are all completely insane. That isn't actually true. They're really just overly emotional when compared to men. However, every nationality of women around the world has their own specific brand of 'craziness'. Living in the world we have today (not to mention the fact that America has always been a nation of immigrants), it's quite possible that you may get involved with a woman from another country. So, here's what I have discovered is stereotypical about the fairer sex from various nationalities...

Brazilian Women

- They take a long time to get ready for a date. Expect them to be late.

- If you like her, show that you're interested. Playing hard to get with a Brazilian will get you nowhere.

- They love being flirted with and complimented.

- ALL of their displays of affection are public. Get used to making out everywhere.

- Family is a huge part of their life, whether they want it to be or not...

- They get territorial and possessive. Polite conversation with another female can make them insanely jealous.

- They might say no to something but, sometimes, they really want you to insist. Quixotically, they expect you to know what they want and to want the same too. (No wonder Men think Women are nuts...)

- Don't try to impress them too much. Keep it simple/direct and have fun.

Columbian Women

- They embrace their femininity.

- They expect you to make the first move.

- Don't use cheesy Spanish vocabulary.

- They expect you to dance with them, even if you can't dance.

- They expect you to pay for everything on the date.

- Being touchy-feely doesn't mean they want to sleep with you.

- They can get very passionate about things.

- They are close to their parents... and you will be soon too.

English Women

- Your Tea is probably not like their Tea. Make sure you have some of their Tea. (PG Tips, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Yorkshire Gold, etc. )

- They pretend to be polite but, that doesn't mean they aren't calling you a Wanker behind your back.

- They try to look as fancy as they can for a first date.

- They love getting drunk at lunch. Most of these drunken outings will end with a kebab of some kind.

- You'll quickly find out what 'two peoples separated by a common language' means. The British and American versions of the English language are pretty different sometimes.

- Their sense of humor is very self-deprecating and sarcastic.

- They always want to be as tanned as possible.

German Women

- They are VERY honest and direct. This can be off-putting and/or discouraging to some folks.

- There is no vagueness when they are making plans with you. If they say they will be somewhere at a certain time, they will be there. Punctuality is a very big component of German culture.

- Don't EVER make them wait on you. Believe me, it's not a good idea.

- They love beer.

- DON'T get too close and personal if you've only just met them. They don't like physical contact with strangers. (I can empathize with this one.)

- They like to be seen and treated as equals. Be VERY careful when making decisions for her.

- They seem to like discussing politics, current affairs and technology. Be sure to have a few well-informed opinions and know how to hold your own in a debate. This impresses them.

- If she likes you, she won't hesitate to show you how much. This might involve some PDA.

Greek Women

- Despite many overlaps in Greek and Italian culture, Greek women act almost NOTHING like Italians.

- Physical contact is very common in their culture. The woman getting touchy-feely with someone doesn't necessarily mean she's interested in that person.

- They like playing hard to get. (Do they realize how much Men usually hate this practice?)

- They gossip a lot. Don't even try to keep up with it all. It will become more complex than even the most bizarre soap opera.

- The Greek family get-together will be VERY loud.

- Make sure her father likes you.

- Learn to pronounce their names.

- Greek women are quick to argue with you and even quicker to forget about the whole thing... And that's why they often seem so Schizophrenic...

Italian Women

- Sometimes, the first date will feel like an interview process. They will have lots of questions about your relationship with your mother and your ex-girlfriends. Be careful not to appear as a Mama's Boy or someone still holding a torch for their Ex.

- They tend to be very upfront and direct. Don't be surprised (or terrified) if they start talking about kids very early in the dating relationship.

- They expect you to be jealous. They also assume that you don't care if you aren't jealous.

- Your idea of Italian food is probably different from hers. Don't just assume that she wants to eat Pizza all the time. That is a ridiculous stereotype.

- Romance may feel cheesy to you but, not to her. Deal with it, guy.

- They love compliments and the sappy romantic stuff but, you shouldn't over do it because that makes you look desperate.

- They are VERY passionate. This can be both good and bad. Try to make sure that it isn't bad too often.

- They are always at your side and VERY loyal.

Mexican Women

- Sip the Tequila, don't down it all in one gulp.

- ALWAYS be a Gentleman.

- If she likes you, she may not kiss you on the first 3 dates. She wants to make sure you're serious about dating her first.

- They love to cook (This one is HUGE plus)

- Punctuality is not common among them.

- They are very superstitious about things that they think will lead to never getting married.

- They love sexual innuendos (And honestly, who doesn't?)

- Their parties can run really late...

Russian Women

- They are VERY maternal and greatly concerned with matters of hearth and home. Starting a family means everything to them.

- They can get very emotional. Oftentimes more than other nationalities.

- The Russian girls from the countryside never let you starve. The city-dwellers may not even know how to cook. (And that is just one of several similarities between American and Russian cultures that I have observed over the years.)

- They value their appearance and won't leave the house looking anything less than their best.

- They want you to have a definite plan of action when you take them out on a date.

- Be assertive. They like that quality in a man.

- They expect you to open doors for them and act like a gentleman. Be sure to have that good habit with them.

- They can seem to be a little serious at first. However, this is because of the language barrier. While many Russians learn English as a second language, they aren't necessarily fluent in it...

- They support what you like (even if they don't understand any of it) BEFORE you're married. Afterwards, it's likely to be a different story.

- Despite rumors to the contrary, they are NOT high maintenance gold diggers with no sense of humor.


So, there's a small sampling of what it takes to deal with a few nationalities. All of them are definitely emotional. All of them seem to be obsessed with finding the right guy and doing whatever it takes to keep him. If only American women acted more like that these days. I'm afraid all of the Feminazi BULLSHIT has ruined them for at least this particular generation.

So, if you're planning on dating an immigrant or getting a foreigner for a spouse through some agency, this info here might help you. Remember, this is all based on common stereotypes. Each woman is different. You will have to communicate with her to figure out what she does and doesn't like in a relationship.

Of these different nationalities, I find myself most interested in the German and Italian women. Being mostly German and Sicilian myself, I suppose the cultural similarities had much to do with this fact. Hopefully, they won't find it too difficult to date an Aspie like me. I did find some Aspie dating tips on WikiHow a long time ago.However, all 12 bits of advice they give are for the more hardcore cases than me. All except the talk about special interests in #12 and the frequent mentions of how Aspies don't pick up on subtlety.

- Publius

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