Tuesday, January 24, 2017

About Barron Trump...

Just when I thought Radical Leftists couldn't get any lower, they decide to pick on an innocent child via Twitter, one of their little social media echo-chambers.

First, we have that disgusting old hag Rosie O'Donnell continuing her longstanding rivalry with Donald by claiming his son might be autistic...

With the wording of this tweet, it's easy to assume that she might have actually meant well. However, I'm not fooled for 2 reasons. First, I am well aware of the long-standing feud between this Hollywood actress and the new President. Second, ANYONE with even a modicum of good sense would know better than to make these thoughts so public. If she actually is concerned about the boy, why didn't she try to approach the new President's family through a private channel? If that ass-clown Kanye West can get an audience with Donald Trump then, just about anyone should have been able to speak with him!

And of course, people called her out on that bad move...

At first, Rosie O'Donnell tried to defend these comments but, that quickly stopped when Melania Trump threatened to sue people making that false allegation for defamation of character. After that, Rosie quickly retracted everything, apologized and skulked away like a scolded dog. That's probably the smartest thing that Rosie has ever done in her public life.

That should be where this ends but, of course it's not. Democrats these days will do anything to try to defame people they don't like. That's what happens when the party has been taken over by the kind of Saul Alinsky-reading radical leftist dumbasses that Vladimir Lenin happily called 'useful idiots'.

On Inauguration Day, a now-suspended SNL writer decided to say something stupid on her Twitter feed...

I'm surprised she didn't have the guts to try and compare Barron to Adam Lanza...

...and quickly got rid of it too. However, someone had got a screenshot of it first and made it go viral online. Before the end of the day, this chick had been publicly defamed. She was suspended from her job within the next 72 hours. As of this day, 24 Jan 2017, NBC still won't comment on if they plan to fire her. I don't see a positive outcome for her in that department.

And if you think accusing this innocent child of being autistic or a school shooter wasn't bad enough, it can still get even worse. Some other unemployable-lookin' shitbag/self-proclaimed comedian named Stephen Spinola decided to kick it up another notch and make it sexual... I really wish that I was sensationalizing things but, I'm not...

You disgusting Mother Fucker. I sincerely hope your mother slaps the shit out of you for this kind of talk. She ought to disown you too.

I know that comedians often push the boundaries of good taste because shock value often leads to riotous laughter. I use that routinely in my rather dark/sardonic humor every day, along with heavy doses of sarcasm and cynicism. Someone has to since George Carlin is no longer with us. However, I don't ever make fun of kids in this kind of way. Kids should not be involved in any kind of adult situation. It's not funny. Jokes about rape and bad things happening to kids are NEVER funny. Kiss your career goodbye, Cocksucker.

The moral outrage over this isn't the only reason why I got pissed, either. Picking on a defenseless child certainly is bad enough but, this one is also quite personal to me. As an Aspie, I am on the higher-functioning end of that Autism Spectrum the shrinks developed. There were also a lot of ignorant teenagers jumping to illogical conclusions and assuming I'd be the next school shooter after the Columbine Incident. So, I have a pretty good idea of what Barron and his parents might be feeling about all of this mess.

Attacking an elected official is fine. That's called 'pillory' and it's something that comes with the job. Attacking some politician's family is just disgraceful, unless those family members get involved in politics for themselves. That's the reason why Hitlary Clinton and Michelle Obama were both frequently criticized and lampooned. They entered the political arena in some way and became legitimate targets for public scrutiny and criticism. Going after Donald Trump's son is just as despicable as you Democrats not caring about Obummer's many drone strikes causing so much collateral damage. That collateral damage often included many innocent children being orphaned, hurt or killed. And the ones who survived usually grow up angry enough to join the terror groups we're trying to destroy. You people have no conscience and probably no soul, either. You disgust me.

Before I end this piece, I would like my audience to take a look at two more photos. First, a picture of young Barron as he is today...

And then, a family photo that People magazine took in 2006, shortly after he was born...

Does it look like there's anything unusual about him in the first picture? He's not showing any of the signs of a person on the Autism Spectrum there. (Blank expression, awkward mannerisms, et al.) He just looks like he's tired and bored. That's what you'd expect from a child having to stay up late at night at some political rally.

In the second photo, do you see anything wrong with the looks on his parent's faces? It's impossible to tell if a newborn is autistic or not. The signs don't start to show until about age 3. However, parents can still feel something being wrong with their child. It's one of those intrinsic things that all parents understand and science can't explain but, it's real. And if they did sense something wrong, you'd be able to see it on their faces. I've seen the look many times in my 35 years on this Earth. Other than being a bit stoic for the camera, I see nothing but love and pride in their eyes.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times now. I just cannot believe that the Democrats have sunk to this kind of low. Even Chelsea Clinton said it was going to far in some of her recent comments to the News Media on this subject.

However, like I have also said a million times before, there's actually some good to these people saying such disgusting things. By misusing their right to Free Speech, they are showing everyone exactly what kind of detestable pieces of hot, stinking garbage that they really are inside. Armed with that knowledge, it should not be difficult at all for the American public to discern that they should not be associating themselves with any of them.

Over the years, I have done my best to try to help Democrats return their party to sanity and bring them back from the extreme. I've engaged them, befriended many of them and did my best to explain how their party has gone off the rails and needs to be put back on track. I did this because there needs to be a 'balance in the Force', so to speak. We can't have just one group of people running things. That turns a free society into an oligarchy like present-day Russia.

However, I'm not going to bother with that anymore. It's now obvious to me that it's too late. They're too sick to be cured. There's only two things that can be done now:

1.) Promote worthy 3rd party alternatives to forever destroy the false dichotomy of having to choose between Democrats and Republicans. The Libertarians have shown enough promise to get me to vote for them across the board in the 2016 election. I'm hearing nice things about another group called the Constitution Party as well. I will be investigating them further.

2.) Destroy the Democratic Party altogether and create a new party in its place. Hopefully, this new party will both understand and embrace Classical Liberalism.

- Lord Publius

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