Tuesday, May 2, 2017

9 Random Thoughts for 2 May 2017

0.) I need ideas/feedback on what to post in this blog. Aspie stories? Re-posting an old tale of mine from Facebook years ago about my AIT experience at Fort Gordon? Something else? Any of those would be preferable to more political posts right now.

1.) Lately, Facebook has been getting really cucked with all this undue censorship. I haven't even been trolling or shitposting anyone. Yet, they still give me shit for various memes I post in a closed group for people who actually get the joke. Looks like someone in that group was an infiltrator that didn't belong. Fortunately, the infiltrators have been found and given the boot.

You're not foolin' me, Zuckerberg.

2.) I'm seriously thinking about taking my shitposting to 4chan (where it most likely belongs) and then use my meme magic to behead that evil dragon that is the Leftist Cancer in American Politics and Culture. No Demonrats, I have not forgotten about how I vowed to DESTROY you in an earlier post from January 24th. Picking on President Trump's son Barron was just too fucking low. YOU NEED TO DIE and be replaced by a new left-wing party that actually embraces/practices Classical Liberalism.

They've already ruined Twitter, which, if we're going to be honest, wasn't really all that difficult of a task. (I fucking hate that site!) They are trying to ass-rape Facebook without even the common courtesy of giving that site a reach-around. However, they can NEVER rape 4chan. It's usually 4chan that's e-raping everyone else. After all, that's where all the truly dankest memes come from...

3.) I had also recently considered joining a website for Aspies and Autistics called 'Wrong Planet' but, decided against it for several reasons. They don't seem like the type to get my shitposting style of humor. Also, the site is giving me a lot of Leftist vibes. That's a no-go. It strikes me as being the kind of site that the infamous 'random' board on 4chan (better known as /b/), would troll the shit out of just for the lulz. Nevermind the irony that many of 4chan's users also happen to be on the Autism Spectrum somewhere. They would still troll the shit out of it just for the lulz.

4.) Speaking of trolling and ass-rape, I still haven't seen or heard anything out of my stalker in a while. Looks like he's gone for good now.

Lots of sarcasm here...

5.) However, I will be keeping an eye on him. That's right, dumbass. You will never escape my sight. I will always be there, lurking in the shadows like the Tall Man from the truly excellent horror film series Phantasm.

You really DON'T want to mess with this dude...

6.) I may turn on the comments for this blog again but, since few ever commented on anything, it may not matter.

7.) Lately, I have been noticing that some people get really pissed off and un-friend you when you don't agree with some of their opinions. Sometimes, it's just the non-sense you'd expect, like politics. As if they could have possibly expected me to agree with some far-left proposition that's totally divorced from anything even remotely related to the real world. Objective Reality trumps idealistic fantasy EVERY time.

Other times, it's some really weird shit like UFO's. No, that isn't a joke. It actually happened. Someone I knew since college keeps trying to convince me that the Feds are up to something weird with secret military aircraft, weather modification and (possibly) alien involvement. As a former Federal government employee, I tried explaining to him several times that the Feds are not that smart. Obviously, my efforts weren't successful.

It's probably just a conventional airplane of some kind...

It's doubtful my efforts would have been successful even if I violated OPSEC and told him something that might be secret. I say 'might be' because I'm not always sure what is supposed to be kept confidential and what is OK to discuss. So, I just don't say anything of substance and rarely talk about the military with anyone. Thankfully, the few that do ask questions are either fellow Vets or VA employees. The things they ask about wouldn't (potentially) violate any Non-Disclosure Agreements, National Security or a unit's mission.

While writing this rambling of various random thoughts, a thought occurred to me on this one. The recent behavior of this individual is a lot like the behavior of another person I got rid of back in February. That person had a long history of substance abuse issues. Sure hope that isn't what's going on with the UFO guy... His alien masters probably wouldn't be too happy about that...

Not to mention why they won't talk to us...

8.) However, sometimes it's me washing my hands of these people. In late 2016, I got rid of 3 people I once knew in the Army. 2 of them were given the boot for being so far left-wing that they had become totally insufferable assholes. One of them had become *quite* intellectually dishonest. The other seemed to be a BLM supporter. I had to draw the line at that because BLM is a damned domestic terror group. I'm not going to be even tangentially involved with that foolishness.

The other got the boot for... well, pretty much the same reason. However, the circumstances were different. He wasn't a Leftist, just one of those types who can't see the forest through the trees. I would sometimes joke about being broke on Facebook and he actually thought I was about to lose my house. How in the world he came to that notion, I do not know. He was also an incredibly arrogant little son of a bitch. He posted some long diatribe in a comment on one of my posts, once again trying to get me to leave New Orleans and quit the Insurance business. I quickly skimmed over it to get the basic idea of that diatribe and then deleted it from my post. He tries posting it again a few moments later. I delete it again and then log out to go to a Bible study at church. When I get back, this asshole posts the same thing again on his own page and tags me in the post. He also sent a brief message, something along the lines of 'Got anything to say?'

Of course, I have the final approval of what I am and am not tagged in so, I denied the tag request. Also, I had nothing further to say to that shithead anymore. I just blocked him from everything on FB that was mine/under my control and never looked back. I can't say if it was his ignorance or his arrogance that angered me more but, I can say that I'm not going to suffer that little fool. I was already planning my eventual departure from the Insurance business, anyway. As of right now, my only involvement in that business is maintaining a few licenses because they make good tax write-offs. Beyond that, I'm essentially done with it all. It's not very stable work and wasn't all that interesting, either.

Also, there's no need for me to ever leave New Orleans again for ANY reason, let alone chasing a Dollar and calling it 'work'. Those days are over. I have a regular source of income now and will be pursuing my new career path soon. (There will be another blog post about that as soon as the final details are in place and the plan is executed.) All of those machinations were in the works at the time too. I just wasn't willing to tell that jackass my personal business. It's not like he had a need to know. So much for a former Soldier knowing when to keep his damned mouth shut and maintain OPSEC.

I'm told by a mutual friend that he was rather pissed by me getting rid of him. I had to explain to her what he was doing and why I would never take any of his suggestions about leaving New Orleans. For so many reasons, this city is where I belong. End of discussion.

- Lord Publius

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