Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday/Christmas Shopping...

Black Friday haul

This whole 'Black Friday' thing can get out of hand. I went to my local record store for their Black Friday deals today, including some very rare vinyl from Jimi Hendrix and MetallicA. I got there at about 0630 and stood there near the front of the line that was forming until it opened at 0855. Surprisingly, the 20 degree temperature did not bother me. Anyway, I came home with good stuff. After getting back to my residence, I continued shopping like a sane person from warmth and comfort via Amazon to grab a few PS3 games. I may order a few more before this weekend is over. Here's the list so far...

RECORD EXCHANGE (My local Record store)

Misc. Items

Anti-static record brush

Atari 5200 Games (All Used)

Pole Position
Space Dungeon
Super Breakout

Blu-Ray movies (Both Used)

TRON: Legacy

Vinyl (* = Used)

Box Sets

MetallicA - Through the Never (3LP Box Set)

45 Singles

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Fire/Foxey Lady Miami Pop Festival


A7X - City of Evil*
Bad Company - Run With The Pack*
Dr. Suess' How the Grinch stole Christmas - Original TV Soundtrack
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Miami Pop Festival*
KISS - Dynasty* (I can't believe this one was only $3.00 BEFORE they took 20% off the used items...)
Lynyrd Skynyrd & Blackberry Smoke - Live 12" Vinyl Split
Stone Temple Pilots - Core
Weird Science - Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack*
The Who - Tommy*
Young-Holt Unlimtied - Plays Super Fly*

COST: $244.36, including 20% off used items


PS3 Games

God of War: Ascension
God of War Saga Collection
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

COST: $55.96, including free shipping

Combine all of this with the $322.92 I've already spent on other new games, guides and another PS3 controller and it is shaping up to be a VERY Merry Christmas for yours truly... On the order of $623.24. And it's not even over... I love Holiday Consumerism. It's why I save my money all year. :)

- Lord Publius

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Sandy Hook shooter's favorite games...

Wondering what 'violent' video game set off the Sandy Hook shooter? Would you believe that his favorite game appears to have been Dance Dance Revolution? SURPRISE!!! Not what you might have expected since school shootings are usually blamed on first-person shooters like Doom. Looks like video games are NOT what set him off. Now, can we PLEASE stop blaming Asperger's Syndrome and video games?

As for why he went apeshit on those poor little kids... Well, I can tell you EXACTLY what set him off: He was socially marginalized from a young age because of his lack of social skills and grew to hate the rest of Humanity.

Being tormented by his peers turned him into a violent sociopath just waiting for the right time to strike. After all, why should you give a shit about Human life if it seems that virtually every Human on Earth despises you? If you're constantly bombarded with ridicule, hatred and prejudice, you will sooner or later be filled with a murderous hatred for the rest of the species.

How do I know that is what happened? Because it VERY easily could have happened with me. The only reasons that I can think of about why it didn't happen is because...

1.) I have a strong sense of morality which forbids me from unnecessarily murdering and/or physically tormenting a lesser species. (I used to view NT's as being beneath me most of the time. I did NOT like other people back in the day.)

2.) I had a few people reach out to me and show me that not all Humans were utterly contemptible. (Thank you very much, Primo Amore.) Sometimes, all it takes to change someone's life for the better is to show them a little compassion. Other than his Mother (whom he killed so he could steal her legally purchased firearms), I doubt Adam Lanza ever got much of that from anyone.

And just to add an extra bit of WTF?! to this sad story, the investigators also found a receipt for a handgun that Lanza's mother bought for him as a Christmas present. Sometimes, you just never know what kind of evil resides in a person's heart.

I know that people are looking for some kind of Folk Devil to blame for this Moral Panic. That's Human Nature. We all want to know why horrible things happen to good people. Sometimes though, there really isn't any kind of satisfying answer. Video Games didn't warp his mind. His mother taking him to the gun range didn't turn him into a maniac. He was just a pissed off little punk with no regard for Human life or anyone else's feelings. And this happened because virtually no one ever had any regard for his feelings. One should not be surprised if the person you treat as a monster ends up becoming one.

To me at least, it seems that society made him a child-murdering monster by excluding/unfairly marginalizing him. I just hope that society learns from this mistake and doesn't let it happen again. I don't enjoy hearing about schoolchildren being murdered and then having my neurological condition get blamed. The only way that Aspies become violent is if we're pushed.

- Lord Publius

Links of Interest:

Report of the State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012

My opinion on the matter expressed in a YouTube rant shortly after the shootings... (Contains explicit language)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

You could piss off the Pope... or, why it's important to be polite and professional.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is NOT a religious post. The title is a figure of speech I recently heard for the first time and found hilarious.

I was having a phone conversation with an old friend a few weeks ago. Somehow, we got on the topic of High School and how she knew I was an Aspie even back in those days. When I asked her why, she explained it by describing what I was like in the most obvious way: Ridiculously intelligent and (almost completely) socially inept. Sounds about right...

I challenged the assumption that I was quite socially inept in those days. I did have many friends and I'm still in touch with many of them to this day. She countered that by reminding me of how incredibly opinionated I was (and still am) by saying 'You could have pissed off the Pope!' As someone who doesn't care much for many of the Vatican's policies, I find that kind of expression to be hilarious.

Even more hilarious (to me, at least) is that she's quite right. I know all too well how some of my opinions can piss people off. I've even done it on purpose a few times as a way to test the loyalty of certain individuals.

For example, calling out the so-called friends that kept trying to push me towards dating people I don't find attractive. They think they are helping me by trying to force fatties and psychos on me but, that doesn't help at all. They are socially marginalized for good reasons. I was socially marginalized for bullshit reasons, namely NT's being confused and scared of someone that was different from them. Besides, dating is supposed to help you find a spouse. Why would I date/marry someone that doesn't turn my proverbial crank? None of you would, unless you were a desperate fool. And how well does that work out for you, heh? That may be one of the reasons why so many marriages end in divorce these days. And the saddest part of this example is that I've had to do it TWICE now, once in 2008 on MySpace and again this past summer on this blog. I guess some people are just born stupid and Born to Lose.

Anyway, I'm not quite so forceful in expressing my opinions anymore. I've since learned that was impolite. I've met at least two NT's who don't get that in the last few years but, I certainly have learned that valuable life lesson.

One of them was a former First Sergeant of mine. I went to his office with my Platoon Sergeant to explain the Asperger's Syndrome to him. I was getting the impression that he didn't like me very much and I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. That turned out to be a waste of time. His mind was made up long before I walked through the door. All that meeting did was convince me that the Army was no place for me any longer. So much for that whole 'encourage and inspire' thing that NCO's are supposed to do...

The second was a girl that an Army buddy was dating at the time and now, she's his wife. Why exactly he decided to get married again, I don't know. I never did understand that relationship well. Anyway, this person turned me off with her opinions by somehow NOT realizing that it's impolite to start political conversations with people who DON'T want to hear them. Accusing me of this 'White Privilege' crap didn't help her, either. White or not, I worked for everything I have in this life. NOTHING was handed to me on a platter. I paid for my own college education with student loans and Army service. (And I'm still paying off the last of those loans too.) I'm paying for the house that I own with both 3 years worth of personal savings and renting it out to strangers. How was ANY of that a 'privilege' of the fact that I was born White? Fucking bleeding-heart Liberals and their closeted racism... I swear those people don't have the good sense that Christ gave to the Jackass they use for a party symbol. Hmmm, maybe I still have a way to go before I become less opinionated and more polite? :P

So, what should we learn from all of this, kids? Simple. You are free to express your opinions but, other people are free NOT to listen to you. Trying to force your opinions on them makes you look and sound like an Asshole. Don't be that guy.

Now that I'm done with this particular rant, I'm off to eat pizza and print out a few box labels for some loose SEGA Genesis cartridges. :)

- Lord Publius

A VERY good reason why I don't bother with import car brands...

THIS is what a car should be like, not some fucking rice-burner with a wimpy name like Camry or Accord. I have spoken!

- Lord Publius

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Michio Kaku: Why Physics Ends the Free Will Debate

For all those who think that their actions and entire lives were pre-ordained by who or whatever created the universe... Not only does God play dice, he made the universe what us nerds call an 'open architecture.'

- Lord Publius

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Michio Kaku Explains String Theory

And you thought that Quantum Physics was hard to explain and/or understand...

- Lord Publius

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Game collecting weekend 14 - 16 Nov 2013

Last weekend, I went out on a mission to find as many things on my wishlist for classic games as I could. I had some decent results. They are as follows...

Thursday, 14 Nov 2013

I went to a place here in Frederick called Play Raven on a lark, as I often did when they were ope n and I was not at work. An old Highschool friend of the owner comes in with 3 large boxes of stuff to sell. One box was filled with old Atari stuff. that was more interesting to me than the other boxes filled with NES and Genesis stuff that I already had or just didn't want.

When I reached into the bottom of the box, I felt something that was too large to be a cartridge or controller of any kind. However, it felt familiar. I recognized immediately what it was just by touch and became quite excited. I pulled out the item to confirm my fervent hopes.

When it was free from the box, I could see what it was and my dreams had come true. It was a little banged up and had plenty scratches on it's chrome but, it was a console that I wanted. One of those consoles I had once and (perhaps foolishly) sold when I needed money about 10 years ago: An Atari 7800 ProSystem. My eyes had lit up like a kid on Christmas Morning, practically screaming 'DO WANT!!!' And, after a quick trip to Radio Shack for a RF Cable-to-Coax adapter to test it, the console was mine. I was very happy. :)

Additions made on 14 Nov 2013
Cost: About $130


Atari 2600 Joystick (Missing plastic sheath for Joystick. Given away for free.)
Atari 2600 Paddle Controllers
Atari 7800 Console
Atari 7800 Controllers (2)
Atari 7800 AC Adapter
Atari 7800 RF Cable (had to buy Phono-to-Coax adaptor from Radio Shack)


Atari 2600

Arcade Pinball (SEARS Tele-Games release of Video Pinball)
Cosmic Creeps
Dark Cavern
Donkey Kong
Journey Escape
Laser Blast
Missile Command
Ms. Pac-Man (2 Copies)
Space Invaders (2 Copies)

Atari 7800

Ms. Pac-Man
Pole Position II (w/ Manual)
Robotron: 2084
Super Huey UH-IX
Xevious (w/ Manual)


Millipede (Atari arcade port)


F-1 World Grand Prix

SEGA Saturn

Sonic 3D Blast

Sony PS1 (Both are green label 'Greatest Hits' editions)

Syphon Filter

Friday, 15 Nov 2013

Another day, another trip to Play Raven. This time, to check on that lot that the owner said he was about to buy from eBay or something of that nature. The boxes contained all kinds of interesting items, including a lot of old VHS and music cassette tapes. The owner also tells me about the lot he got that morning from some local via eBay or Craigslist. He mentioned one of the magic words to my ears: Jaguar. My heart skipped a beat until I realized that he only had an RF Cable and AC Adapter for that system, not the actual console and its games. WTF, Victor? Why would you get my hopes up like that, mang?! That was cruel! :P

Anyway, I did pick up a 'Jungle Green' N64 with 8MB Expansion Pak and matching controller before he listed it on eBay. (I've done that a lot in this man's store...) Also acquired boxed copies of Mortal Kombat II & Zombies Ate My Neighbors on SEGA Genesis that the owner set aside for me. I've been looking forward to getting my hands on those games again.

His young employee/assistant also got a nice lot of things to sell in the store from a friend of his sometime earlier. He also held a certain game out of that lot because he remembered it was something on my list: KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child for SEGA Dreamcast. Thank you very much, young man. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar. :)

Also picked up a number of game guides, including what turned out to be an extra copy of the official Nintendo player's guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (That book covers both the Wii and rare GCN version.) Still, it is nice to have extra copies. For the first time, I had also brought in a few trade items to him: 2 steering wheel controllers for the N64 & PS1/PS2 respectively, the N64 one came with pedals and a box. I took a bunch of old Atari 2600 cartridges (and at least 1 for the Colecovision and N64) in trade. Not bad for 2 steering wheels that cost me a combined $16.

Before I left that night, the owner and I somehow got into discussing my plans to drive up to New Jersey the next day to check out a well-established game store called 'Digital Press.' He asked me to bring back info on them and any ideas he might be able to use to make his new fledging operation a raging success. I am doing that via this blog post.

Additions made on 15 Nov 2013
Cost: About $150


'Jungle Green' N64 with 8MB expansion pack and matching controller
Dualshock 3 Controller for PS3 (Amazon order)

Game Guides

Halo 2 (XBOX)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN)

Atari 2600

Othello* (Atari Picture Label)


Turbo (Port of SEGA Racing game)


Addition and Subtraction
Alien Addition (w/Manual)
Car Wars (2 Copies)
Hunt the Wumpus
Munch Man (2 Copies) <-------- Pac-Man clone
Multiplication 1
Music Maker
Number Magic
Personal Record Keeping (w/Manual) <----Most likely a Spreadsheet or accounting program.
Reading Fun
Super Demon Attack
TI Invaders (Space Invaders clone. 2 Copies.)
Touch Typing Tutor


Final Doom


Top Gear Rally

SEGA Dreamcast

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

Saturday, 16 Nov 2013

I made a day trip of going to New Jersey and back to visit an internet legend: Digital Press. The owner of Play Raven asked me to let him know what that place was like, so that he could get ideas for his store. I discovered that both stores were doing a lot of the same things. I'm not surprised. Digital Press seems to me to be what Play Raven could be in a few years from now.

The store location for Digital Press is also a lot larger than what I expected from all the pics and video on their Facebook page. While Digital Press does have a lot more stuff than Play Raven (especially down in their 'Island of Lost Toys' of a basement), Play Raven has one advantage: TV Sets with consoles attached so you can play test games. Some game stores have that and some don't.

Digital Press had a display kiosk of the Jaguar (and, amazingly enough, the Jaguar CD) that was turned off. There's also their vintage Atari 2600 display kiosk that the owner acquired a few months ago. It was unassembled and in storage for all these decades. They put it together, stocked it with boxed 2600 games and installed an old TV and console. (A 'Heavy Sixer' model.) It wasn't turned on either but, that was still really cool to see. I'd love to have something like that for my future man cave/game room.

The owner of Play Raven also asked me to check their prices on certain popular, yet common items. You can relax, Victor. They are too far away to be a competitive threat and they get their prices from the same place as you: Amazon, eBay and/or

Anyway, I had an interesting time looking around at Digital Press Videogames... and spent around $200 on a few old gems for various consoles too. Speaking of which, they didn't have any Atari 5200, 7800 or Jaguar consoles. I wasn't seriously expecting them to have any in stock. They are rare and highly prized by classic gamers and Atari fans alike. Still, they did somehow have the boxes on display in these glass cases that they treated as mini-museums. What a tease! I guess I'll have to start using eBay, GameGavel, AtariAge and *shudders* Craigslist to find those machines. (Maybe not Craigslist...)

However, one of those cases did have a Vectrex console for just under $225. They also had stacks of games, both loose carts and boxed, for that console too. I might just make a return trip for that alone. That thing is not only rare, it's also the only console to ever have it's own built-in monitor and use strictly vector-based games. That would be a wonderful addition to my collection. \m/

There are plenty of games you can buy out of those cases but, there was little that struck my fancy. The stuff that did interest me, a few reproduction cartridges filled with homebrew games for Atari 2600/5200/7800, were too much for me to buy at the time. $50 a pop for cartridges made for Atari 2600, 5200 or 7800 is a bit much for me right now. That's too bad because they did have a some really good ones like the prototype console port of Tempest on the 5200 and the Atari 2600 version of Halo. Yes, you read that right. It was programmed by one of Microsoft's head gaming gurus a few years ago as a show of love for HALO and the 2600. Guess I'll have to get them from the AtariAge store sometime in the future...

Speaking of old Atari stuff, I had come close to buying an old Atari 8-Bit computer (namely, an 800XL) but, refrained. I think that might have been a bad call on my part. I could have easily afforded to add it to my ever-growing collection. It was priced at $60. They had stacks of game cartridges for that old computer (even if many of them were duplicates) and all of them were $5 or less. It didn't come with any instructions on how to use the machine. With a console, that is not an issue. Those devices are very straightforward. An old computer first released when I was an infant is not quite the same animal. As I write about it now, I find myself wishing that I bought that computer and the Vectrex. How often am I going to come across such devices? There was also a complete-in-box Commodore 64 there but, I just don't have a use for one of those. I have yet to see a single program of any kind, let alone games, for that system in the wild. I'm not even sure if I saw any there at Digital Press.

There were a LOT of old Atari games in their inventory that I wanted. I ended up putting a few back on the shelf, including 2 boxed copies of Battlezone for Atari 2600. I figured that, since I had one already, it would be unfair to deprive other gamers of such cool items. Besides, I did clean them out on the 3 loose cartridge copies that they had of the game. 4 copies of what is my favorite Atari 2600 game ought to be enough for now. (I get duplicates of old Atari cartridges when I can because some of them don't work after a while. After all, many of them are more than 30 years old now.) I'm starting to regret that decision too. I have the cash. I should buy all these old games and machines!

Finally, I tore through their entire PS1 collection and the bargain bin looking for one old PS1 title: Tempest X3. I didn't have any luck. I did find a few Atari collections on that system, though. I wanted Tempest X3 because it was a port/sequel of Tempest 2000 from the Atari Jaguar. Funny thing though, while they didn't have Tempest X3 or Jaguar consoles, they did have a loose copy of Tempest 2000 for $18 in one of the 'museum' cases. Naturally, I snagged that bad boy. \m/

My brother and his girlfriend drove down from NYC and met me at Digital Press. I spent  the afternoon with them. We strolled around the store reminiscing about some of the old games we had as kids. (And that I still have in my collection today.) I had also talked with this middle-aged looking gentleman while we were all there about various Atari stuff. He didn't give me any info on the Atari 5200 (and its often easily broken controllers) that I didn't know but, I don't mind talking to people. Aspies need all the socialization practice we can get.

After that, my brother's girlfriend looked up good restaurants in the area. We chose a little place in Clifton called 'Matthew's Italian Restaurant.' We figured that a place with online reviews using phrases like 'so good you'll cream in your pants' was something worth a try. It was quite excellent. That Penne in Tomato Suace with added Meatballs was the best meal I've had in months. After lunch, I drove back to Frederick, added the new additions to my manifests and then went to sleep.

Additions made on 16 Nov 2013
Cost: $203.89, including 10% military discount

Atari 2600

Battlezone (3 Copies)
Reactor (Complete in Box)
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

Atari 7800

Asteroids (2 Copies, both Complete in Box.)

Atari Jaguar

Tempest (Cartridge Only)


Cobra Triangle
Vindicators (Tengen game)
Wizards & Warriors


Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs


Star Trek Starship Creator
Star Trek Starship Creator Warp II (Disc only)


A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the Atari 2600 (aka Activision Classics)
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux
Galaga: Destination Earth
Iron Soldier 3
Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1

And here's a picture compilation video that I made of all the purchases from last weekend...

This is going to be the last planned post about video games for a while. I've noticed that too many of my posts in the last 2 months have been about video games, Linux or some other nerdy topic that the general public doesn't care about at all. The next two posts I have planned will be more scientific and philosophical.

- Lord Publius

#1 reason why I miss the Atari Jaguar - Tempest 2000

I sure would love to play this game again some day... Sadly, finding an Atari Jaguar for sale (let alone at a reasonable price) is rather difficult. Finding the port/sequel for the PS1 called Tempest X3 has also proven difficult. However, after this past weekend's game collecting adventures, I am a little bit closer to the goal of playing this game again. The next blog post will explain how and why.

- Lord Publius

Sunday, November 17, 2013

About PlayStation consoles and backward compatibility...

I was doing some online research to see if I had any PS1 games that didn't work with PS2. I don't. There are only 2 titles for PS1 that I would want that aren't compatible with PS2 and I already have the N64 version of one of those games. However, during my research, I discovered that all PS3 consoles, regardless of whether they had backward compatibility with PS2 or not, still play PS1 games. The PS3 also sets up a virtual memory card for you on the internal HDD. That is freakin' awesome. :)

And what was the first PS1 title I tried on my PS3? What else...

Some would probably say that my Atari obsession is getting out of hand. It's easy to see why since I have collected 5 of the 2600 console, numerous copies of the Flashback machines and more than 100 cartridges for the 2600 alone. Not to mention the 5200, 7800 and Jaguar stuff that I own... Hell, I drove 4 hours each way to a game store in New Jersey yesterday just to get more old Atari games. (There will be a blog about that tomorrow.) However, those people just don't understand collectors. There's also a longer list of PS1 games (and a few PS2 titles) that won't work with my PS2 Slim but, I don't care. I don't own any of them and I never will.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to get rid of that PSOne that I recently acquired for $20. However, it does mean that I don't have to have so many consoles plugged into a TV at the same time. That is a semi-big deal since I'm living in what is basically a studio apartment right now. However, that will change soon.

- Lord Publius

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doom Guy's Mind

Oo-rah! This guy is what I call a Fucking MARINE!!! Too bad that I never could have been that bad ass...

- Lord Publius

Brutal Doom Review


- Lord Publius

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why I think 'Autism Speaks' is a sick joke that no one should find funny...

I just read the editorial that made John Elder Robison decide to resign from his position with Autism Speaks. I don't blame him. The author portrays all autistics as being low-functioning and helpless. That is both patronizing and insulting, not to mention completely false. It's also why I think of that organization as a fraud and more of a hindrance to the neurologically different than an asset.

Also, I disagree with the notion of a 'national plan.' Educational programs should NEVER be decided by the Federal government. They have no Constitutional authority to do so and, as the No Child Left Behind Act proved, 'one-size-fits-all' solutions in that area just don't work. Different states have different needs from their educational systems.

For example, Michigan has a great need for auto shop classes since that is the home of the American auto industry. Oregon however, would not need quite as much in that area. My home state of Louisiana has a need for Earth Sciences and Agriculture because of our export crops (Sugar Cane, Soybeans, et al.) and the booming oil industry. New Jersey however, would not.

That is why the 10th Amendment specifically says that any power/responsibility NOT given to the Federal Government by the Constitution will automatically go to the States and the People. (In Constitutional language, 'the People' refers to local governments like City Hall, the County Seat, Parish Council, etc.)

I don't know anything about the lady that runs Autism Speaks (except that she obviously doesn't speak for me or anyone else on this 'Autism Spectrum' the Shrinks invented) but, she sounds like a Democrat to me. Advocating for National solutions that violate Constitutional law, using that overly emotional and logically fallacious 'It's for the children!' argument... Yeah, that sounds like a modern day Democrat alright. Lousy Statist...

When will those people learn that ANYONE with sense, including those of us on this 'Spectrum', do NOT want the Feds CONSTANTLY sticking their nose in our business? The only thing I really want from the Feds and people like her is to be left alone.

- Lord Publius

My collections have become Monsters...

I have some very large collections of varying forms of entertainment. Granted, it did take a lifetime to build up this collection but, I still feel mighty impressed with myself for acquiring them. Anyway, here's a brief list of the 3 major collections. I decided not to list the collections for things like Books and those toy cars (most of which are from Hot Wheels) that I have in storage for my future children to play with someday.

So, without further ado...


Blu-Ray (BD) - 44 Titles, many of which are movie collections or TV Season/Series Box Sets.

DVD - 277 Titles, many of which are movie collections, TV Season Box Sets or bonus discs that came with a Blu-Ray release.

UMD - 18 Movies

VHS - 79 Tapes, some of which are episodes of TV Shows


Box Sets (All formats) - 16
Cassette Albums - 38
CD Albums - 400
LP Albums - 394
Singles (All formats) - 66

Grand Total:

832 Albums (All formats)
16 Box Sets (All formats)
66 Singles (All formats)
914 Individual Physical Recordings on all formats, the vast majority of which is Rock'N'Roll. \m/O_O\m/


(Software only, not including Plug'N'Play machines and/or Pong Boxes. Many of these titles are 'greatest hits' collections, which is why there are more games for systems than titles.)


Atari 2600 - 91 Titles, 91 Games
Atari 5200 - 12 Titles, 12 Games
Atari 7800 - 6 Titles, 6 Games
Atari Jaguar - 5 Titles, 5 Games

Atari's main competitors in their glory days

Colecovision - 10 Titles, 10 Games
Mattel Intellivision (INTV) - 11 Titles, 11 Games


Microsoft XBOX - 14 Titles, 14 Games
Microsoft XBOX 360 - 3 Titles, 3 Games (All of these were included on the same disc as the versions for the original XBOX.)


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 68 Titles, 72 Games
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) - 21 Titles, 33 Games
Nintendo 64 (N64) - 47 Titles, 53 Games
Nintendo GameCube (GCN) - 44 Titles, 145 Games
Nintendo Wii - 38 Titles, 67 Games
Nintendo WiiU - 6 Titles, 6 Games
Nintendo Gameboy (NGB-GBA) - 49 Titles, 78 Games
Nintendo DS (NDS) - 32 Titles, 162 Games (includes the 3 titles built-in to the DSiXL)
Nintendo e-Reader (ERDR) - 14 Titles, 14 Games (105 Cards Total)
Nintendo 3DS - 9 Titles, 9 Games


SEGA Master System - 3 Titles, 3 Games
SEGA Game Gear - 4 Titles, 4 Games
SEGA Genesis - 22 Titles, 27 Games
SEGA Saturn - 4 Titles, 4 Games
SEGA Dreamcast - 14 Titles, 14 Games


Sony PlayStation (PS1) - 7 Titles, 7 Games
Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - 17 Titles, 124 Games
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) - 16 Titles, 97 Games
Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) - 12 Titles, 12 Games


DVD Games - 3 Titles, 3 Games
IBM-Compatible PC - 49 Titles, 431 Games

And these collections only get larger by the day... Well, the game collection anyway. I haven't added much to the music and home video collections in the last 2 months or so. Believe it or not, I haven't run out of space yet. And it's going to stay that way since I'm going to stop collecting for a while after my Christmas shopping is done. 2014 might be financially difficult since I'm switching careers. Also, if all goes according to plan, I will be making some additions to the number of game consoles that I own. However, that is another story for another blog post. Stay Tuned...

- Lord Publius

ADDENDUM - 14 Nov 2013:  The weekend hasn't even started and I've already made some pretty sweet addition to the game collection. Another post like this one with the updated list will be made available once the weekend is over on 18 Nov 2013.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wheelin' and (perhaps shady?) dealin' in the local used game scene...

I had an interesting experience tonight while out spending money on old video games. I may have mentioned it before or not but, there's a small independent game store here in Frederick called Play Raven. I buy from them all the time. The owner and I are on first name basis. I'm not sure how that happened so fast but, it doesn't bother me. He's also aware of this blog's existence and has seen the posts of mine about what I'd do if I owned a record/game store. He liked and used some of my ideas. I told him he could use whatever ideas he wanted since any future store of mine will be in NOLA and definitely not compete with his at all.

Anyway, I went there tonight to get an old NES game he had been holding onto for me, Captain Skyhawk. I have been trying to find this game again for years. In addition to that, I managed to score a few other things on my list and some things that just screamed out 'buy me!' The complete list of stuff I got from him tonight is as follows:


Captain Skyhawk
(Tengen cartridge)


Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
The Legend of Zelda
(Classic NES Series)


Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade Edition

Unfortunately for me, the labels on Bust-A-Move 2 and Gauntlet are either damaged or covered by a damned Blockbuster sticker. That makes me glad that Blockbuster is largely a thing of the past. Bastards... However, both of them combined were $8 so, I won't complain.

Now, comes the interesting (and perhaps) shady part. Some strange guy from another town came in with a few items to sell, including a purple GameCube and various titles for N64, GCN, Dreamcast, PS2 & PSP. The store owner did buy/trade for the GameCube and a N64 game that people had asked him for: Ogre Battle 64. This guy also had an old Atari Jaguar game cartridge in that box he brought in with him: Cybermorph. I had that game once, back when I owned an Atari Jaguar. It wasn't all that great then and it hasn't aged well since. It was also the cheapest Jaguar game that I bought new back in the day. I believe it was only $10 but, it could have been $20. Either way, it was probably the worst choice for a pack-in that Atari could have chosen. Not only was it flawed but, it didn't show off the console's power at all.

Anyway, I began talking to the guy. After selling me a loose copy of Jet Force Gemini for N64 with its manual right there in the store (sorry if I over-stepped my bounds, Victor), he mentioned having a treasure trove in his car trunk. 'Treasure trove' are my words because I don't know what else you call a bunch of mint condition complete-in-box Jaguar games in a car trunk. I have to admit that it sounded too good to be true but, they were really there.

I look through the wares and he did indeed have some of the games that were on the printed list I bring with me to that store. Next time I go, I should bring a laptop so I can show Victor the HTML manifest (and the original spreadsheets) of my collection so he knows I'm not exaggerating when I talk about my game collection being huge. There was all kinds of unusual things in that trunk, including European Dreamcast games and a Jaguar CD game that I knew to be crap. However, I was more interested in the Jaguar cartridge games. All of them were mint condition and complete in the box, like he said. It was a sight that was almost too good to behold. I had heard of virtually every title in that trunk and for $42 cash (the answer to the ultimate question!), I walked away with complete copies of Checkered Flag, Club Drive, Hover Strike, I-War & Iron Soldier.

I had Checkered Flag and Iron Soldier back in the day. I wanted Hover Strike but, the Jaguar left  the market before I could get a copy. The other two are just games I want to try, despite having bad reputations with critics. Also, when I say 'complete in box' I mean the cartridge, instruction manual and box. Not all of these games had the overlay for the number pad on the Jaguar controller. However, the games that really needed one have them in the box. Also, I don't believe Checkered Flag came with one. I don't remember having an overlay for that game in the 1990's.

Anyway, I have Jaguar games again and that strange individual (whose name is Craig) has a way of contacting me when he finds the other Jaguar stuff on my list.

I have a few reservations about making these deals in the parking lot outside of Victor's store. Craig wasn't going to sell/trade those games to Victor anyway (I don't know why) but, something about this seems a bit wrong. That's why I used the word 'shady' in the title for this post. Sorry if I stepped on any toes, Victor.

Two things are certain though:

1.) For $100.88 (including tax), I have added some really cool stuff to my collection tonight.

2.) I can now add to the number of systems for which I have games but, no system. That list is as follows:

- Atari 5200
- Atari 7800
- Atari Jaguar
- Colecovision
- Mattel Intellivision (A friend at home in NOLA has one to sell me when I move back home.)
- SEGA Game Gear
- SEGA Master System (A SEGA Genesis Model 1 with the Power Base Converter will also do.)

At this rate, I just might have enough old games in stock to open an old game store someday, as I have dreamed about for at least 10 years now. Lord knows I have enough duplicates of certain very popular titles. That, however, will be for another blog post...

- Lord Publius

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is this your jam?

The place where I work plays various Satellite Radio stations on the PA system. There's also this guy there (a mechanical contractor working for a company contracted to upgrade the HVAC systems) that constantly asks me if the song playing on the PA system at work is 'my jam.' Usually, I don't like or dislike the song. I simply just don't care about the kind of lame Pop music that SiriusXM usually plays on their '70's on 7' and '80's on 8' channels.

I'm not even sure that I would want to use the phrase 'my jam' or anything derivative of it since that little shit-stain Justin Bieber recently described a few old-school MetallicA songs as 'his jam' (as if that band didn't have enough issues with it's public image as of late...)  but, he keeps asking... Every damned day I see him... At least a hundred times... and he never gets the hint that he's being a pest. They could put on a Country station (bleech!) and he'd ask that damned question. Even after me answering him with something like 'Fuck no, I don't like this Hillbilly-fucking-your-sister-in-the-back-of-a-beat-up-old-Ford-truck-BULLSHIT', he still doesn't get the hint.

Anyway, the conversation with the contractor normally goes something like this...

Contractor: Is this your jam, *real name redacted*?

Me: No.

Contractor: Then, what do you actually like? You seem to know all the songs they play but not like any of them.

Me: The stuff I like is the stuff the company wouldn't have the balls to play on the PA system. The reason I know these songs is because I've heard them all a million times.

However, if he really must know, then here is something that could be considered 'my jam'...

Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?

Sorry you asked? :P


- Lord Publius