Monday, March 12, 2018

6 Random Thoughts for 12 Mar 2018

1.) It has come to my attention that there is someone calling themselves 'Publius' on Yahoo. This schmuck is spouting a bunch of gun control non-sense and then blocking anyone that proves him wrong. Rest assured that is definitely NOT me. I love firearms and would never act like such a miserable little cuck on Social Media. Also, I don't use Yahoo. DuckDuckGo has search results that are at least as good as Yahoo and sometimes better than Google. Also, that site does NOT track you or keep any metadata on your searches. And that is why DuckDuckGo is my search engine of choice for most things.

2.) A while back, Photobucket decided to be assholes and insist that people pay them $399/year to do the 3rd party HTML image hosting. The internet has done image hosting through them for free for years now. It is their right to be that kind of asshole, if they want. It is also my right to switch to another site, which I did. So, I now have yet another account with yet another site. And I quit using that when I found a way to host the images for my HMTL lists of my media collections locally on my HDD's. Yay.

There's also supposed to be a way to do that from Blogger too but, I'm not comfortable with that idea.

Anyway, you can see a bunch of new options for FREE image hosting sites here.

3.) I've decided to buy a new (or new to me) car within the next year or two. It will take that long for me to save up the cash I'll need. However, the market will respond to my needs and wants when the time is right. It always does. Thankfully, I have a few connections in that area.

4.) Tim Pool put out a video showing how a bunch of SJW shitbags took over some small college in the Pacific Northwest. There's no way any of those uppity little assholes could get away with that at a school here in New Orleans. They'd all be expelled on the spot, as it should be... There'd also probably be charges pressed against them, depending on just how bad their behavior was...

5.) I was planning on writing a letter to my Congressional representation about social media censorship. Looks like that may not be necessary since Senator Cruz (R-TX) is already bringing these assholes before a Congressional panel. Glad to see that our government at least still remembers how important it is to protect Free Speech. I'm also happy to see that Senator Cruz brought up Prager University's lawsuit against Google over censorship. I hope Dennis Prager wins a multi-million dollar settlement against Google and actually collects.

6.) All that being said, I am still likely to write that letter. Zuckerberg needs to feel the horror of Uncle Sam's big, throbbing rapestick in his asshole... And then be forced to suck it clean like the dirty little whore he is...

That's all for now.

- Publius

Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Know Your True Friends - Prof. Jordan Peterson

Good advice (as always) from Dr. Peterson. He is quite right about not associating with people who are always miserable. That's why I ditched at least half the friends I've had in the last 10 years. They either refused to change and grow as people or were just rotten. And yes, that does include all those lost souls I met in the Army and decided to disavow. BPC, SC, BKD, TAB, ANP and many, many others. What a shame. I won't use their actual names for a number of reasons, but I will use their initials. That way, the people who do know them will know who I'm talking about...

- Publius

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Which platform (if any) should be my Nintendo Switch alternative?

Now that I am making slightly more money that I used to, I can afford to start buying NEW games for once instead of raiding thrift stores and garage sales for old gems. However, which console should I buy? I took a look at prices and the items on my want list for each of the current platforms to make a decision. The results were NOT a surprise to me. Please note that this this list is always subject to change.

1.) Console price

Switch: Already in my inventory.
Steam: Already running on my computer with client application that's free to download.
PS4: $300 for original model, $400 for PS4 Pro
XB1: $249-$400 for various XBOX One S bundles, $500 for XBOX One X.

THIS SECTION'S WINNER: Microsoft, if they have an XBOX One S bundle for $249 that I want. Otherwise, it's Nintendo.  We'll call it a tie between Microsoft and Nintendo.

2.) Number of games for these platforms that I want...

Switch: 10 physical, 19 Digital, 1 add-on for a digital title.
Steam: 12 (13, if you include that expansion pack...)
PS4: 11
XB1: 7


3.) Console exclusives that are on my wanted list...

NOTE: Some of these 'exclusive' titles are available for systems that are now defunct.

Switch: 14
Steam: 3
PS4: 1
XB1: 3 (Maybe 2 if I decide to remove the HALO Master Chief Collection since it's really buggy...)


4.) Brand Loyalty

NOTE: This section will refer to the individual platforms I have from these manufacturers, not the number of consoles, portables & different versions. I have duplicates of many consoles & portables in my collection.

Microsoft: 1
Nintendo: 12 (13, if you include the e-Reader accessory for the GBA.)
Sony: 5
Valve: N/A.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Random Thoughts for 8 Mar 2018 posted a day early. Yay!

- It has occurred to me that some of that stuff I wrote about (and to) BPC in the last post may have seemed disingenuous or like a type of 'concern troll.' It wasn't. I was quite serious. I really do hope that poor soul can get his life back together. I'm not going to bother trolling him anymore, either. It's no longer fun and it may be causing him some actual psychological harm. After all, I don't want to do to this guy what 4chan did to Jessi Slaughter and her dad.

- Also, concern trolls are far too obvious. I'd never stoop to something that low and pathetic. It's about as sad as going into a Jewish forum and saying that Hitler did nothing wrong, except not as funny. I'll bet Mountain Dew really wished they never had that online naming contest for their Apple-flavored beverage. :P

- I'm quite surprised to see how well I am doing with Math in college right now. I should have a B+ average at the very least. However, it might also be an A. Let's hope it stays that way when I take my Calculus classes in the next 2 years. Either way, I look forward to seeing how Calculus is even going to be useful to me. It has to be useful for something besides tracking the orbits of comets and other issues in Celestial Mechanics.

- I really do want to program/build my own social media site to kick Facebook's ass. They need to be taken down a peg or two... Or ten... Even if I can't slay that internet beast, I will at least be the Hannibal to their Ancient Rome. Fucking Zucking me AGAIN over some meme I posted years ago? WTF, Zuckerberg? I need to get rid of that site altogether...

- Also, speaking of memes on Facebook, I have one for all of you. It's been a while since I mentioned anything political around here in a while so, this one is just perfect...


That's all for now. The meme has spoken.

- Publius

Random Thoughts for 7 Mar 2018

- Unlike most 'Random Thoughts' posts, this one will NOT just be pure shitposting for the sake of shitposting and comedy gold. Sorry if anyone gets disappointed by that...

- There will still be some blunt language, though.

- I've decided that Facebook, Google and a few other tech giants need to have a taste of Uncle Sam's cock in their ass, courtesy of an Anti-Trust investigation. How will I make that happen? Well, I don't know if I can or not. However, I can write a letter requesting one to my representation in Congress. And since one of them happens to be the House Majority Whip, there's at least some chance that it MIGHT happen. It also really needs to happen. These companies are too big and really should not have the power to censor and block information from the general public.

- I've already talked about how everyone should replace Facebook and Twitter with and in the last post. However, I should have also mentioned a few good alternatives to Google. Personally, I prefer DuckDuckGo because the search results are good and they never track you or keep any metadata that the Feds can subpoena. Wolfram Alpha is also pretty good. So is Ixquick. Even Bing has been getting good search results as of late. Amazing how Microsoft of all people is looking a LOT more trust-worthy than Google and Facebook these days. That is both mildly surprising and sad. I've also found a good site for Reverse Image Searches called TinEye. I have found the names of quite a few nice-lookin' nude models with that site since I discovered it months ago.

- Some of the other Vets on campus at school have approached me about joining a military & veteran-only Fraternity. After some time to consider things, I have decided to accept the offer. I'm still not 100% sure what my role will be, but it is worth exploring further. They all know that I'm a nut (and a few of the reasons why) and yet, they still want me in the group. I like it when some group besides family, church and various other social misfits invite me into the group. I don't always join, but it is nice to be invited.

- That 'Education for MY future' post from January really got under the skin of that lunatic stalker I have mentioned previously here and here. You'd think by now he would just give up since there's nothing further he can do except make me laugh even harder. He also seems to be real upset and thinks that I actually want him to kill himself. Well, no. I don't want him to harm himself. I want him to become a functional member of society again. I'm also genuinely happy to hear that he is also getting his VA disability and using his college benefits. What I said is that I wouldn't be upset if he did kill himself. That's an expression of apathy, not an actual desire to see someone die. Either way, it wasn't a very Christian thing to write. I won't be doing that in the future.

- Speaking of proper Christian behavior, there's a very good reason why I didn't even consider giving this guy a chance after he tried to apologize for the cyber-stalking and general online bravo sierra. And I don't mean just the fact that the message he sent to my FB profile went into the 'Other' folder that I never check instead of the regular inbox. It's called 'Discernment'. Think of it as a Biblically appropriate form of judgment. Instead of wagging the finger at someone and telling them they're going to Hell (which Christ forbade in Matthew 7:1), you just decide that person isn't someone you want to associate with anymore.

-You would all be wise to practice some discernment on a daily basis. I do this with virtually everyone I meet more than once. I routinely do this with the other Vets on campus. That's why I decided to take them up on the fraternity idea. They have (so far) passed all the tests that I created for them. The tests are never the same and never used on more than one person. That is, except one of my earliest shitposting misadventures on MySpace, circa 2008. It involved a long blog post about all the reasons why I was annoyed with certain (now former) friends trying to interfere in my romantic affairs. I'll never understand why they couldn't understand why I'm not attracted to the big gals. If you know you'll never love a person, why waste time dating her? It would be cruel to lead them on that way. Anyway, I re-used the same basic idea to test a so-called 'friend' in the Army circa 2013 because I had doubts about his loyalty. Sadly, my suspicions turned out to be correct. Booze (yes, that is his actual nickname) wasn't a very good person, anyway.

- Oh, by the way BPC, this continued obsession you have with me... Yeah... That's why some of my other Army buddies and civilian friends thought you were gay, dude. All the shit you used to do before you got blocked creeped them out... and just screamed Homosexual to them. You really don't want to do that anymore. It just looks bad. That is not the image you want to project to the public. Consider this heartfelt free advice. I genuinely do want you to get better. You didn't ask for all the shit that fucked with your brain to happen to you. And DON'T write so much about it on your blogs, either. Some things really should just stay secret forever.

- I have also been reading that sad excuse for shitposting that you call your 3 blogs. I am disappointed. Three blogs and not a single one of them are any good. Have you learned nothing from me all these years? You should be able to do better than that, man. By the way BPC, the song I was listening to when I decided to leave the Army was Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, not Disposable Heroes. If you're going to try to start pointless debates over my life decisions (which you'll never have a say over anyway), you could at least get the details right. No one has an epiphany and makes life decisions while listening to MetallicA, dude. No one should make life decisions while listening to Black Sabbath either, but sometimes shit does happen... Man, what a messed up day that was...

- Also, just because the Army chaptered you for various health reasons I won't discuss here doesn't mean you're safe to cyber-stalk people. It just means I go to the FBI instead of your Chain of Command and Concern. That's what I was told to do when I out-processed. 'If anyone seems like a potential OPSEC violation waiting to happen, call the Brigade S-2 or the FBI.' That is what they said as I was signing enough NDA's to choke even one of Uncle Sam's paper-shreddin' disintegrators. I'll leave it up to you to figure out why they might give me those kind of instructions while signing numerous NDA's. (PLEASE get the hint.)

- I'm not bullshitting you here, BPC. You really do have no idea how close I have come to doing exactly that on a few occasions. You really are your own worst enemy here. PLEASE don't do that to yourself. I really do want to see you get your life back together and become a success. We need more net-contributors to society, not more dependents and/or jailbirds. (Again, PLEASE get the hint.)

- Finally, I am mulling over the idea of doing a 10 year retrospective on the retirement of an old favorite of mine among glamour models. I'll refer to her only by the initials 'ERC' in that post, but it won't be hard for anyone to find out who I'm talking about... Anyway, her 'retirement' from the business was on 11 May 2008. I had no idea why that happened at the time, but I have since figured it out. The story had a very happy ending for all concerned.  It won't violate her privacy at all, but it could make for an interesting story. That event did make me think about a few things and make some serious changes to my worldview. That was also one of the first instances in my life of what 4chan would call 'Weaponized Autism'. It would still be another 2.5 years before I fully understood that newfound ability, but it really does come in handy. I've always been rather thankful to her for that... And so much more.

- Publius

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Social Media is getting really retarded...

I do NOT like how social media is working these days. I will be making some severe changes to how I use it in the future. The reasons why and what I plan to change are listed below:

1.) Facebook keeps zucking me for posting memes that everyone knows is a fucking joke.

Regardless of whether this is an algorithm or some Leftist that doesn't understand memes, I no longer care. I am going to make Facebook suffer for their insolence by getting rid of the music page that I created. The car page may also go some day. Good luck creating ads based on my content now, Zucky Boy. :P

This happens far too often...

I will also no longer be administrating the video game page that a friend of mine created, either. Besides, I no longer have the time for them. College is going to be keeping me busy for the next 4 years. I can't run them all anymore.

That being said, I am not about to quit expressing my love for cars, games and Heavy Metal. So, I will create a new page over on called 'Cars, Games & Metal'. Or, maybe some other name that makes it abundantly obvious that the page covers those topics. There's a receptive audience for those things on Minds. I follow several music and game pages there already. They all have a LOT more followers than the Facebook pages that I created and/or administrated. And my Facebook pages have existed since 2011 and 2012 respectively, several years before even existed.

2.) YouTube actually prevented me from mirroring a video. WTF?

I tried to mirror the infamous 'Nazi pug' video where Count Dankula taught his girlfriend's pug to do a Roman Salute, just to make sure that it couldn't be censored off the internet forever. The video really was quite hilarious. He trained the dog to do that because he was sick and tired of his girlfriend always bragging about the dog. He decided to make it far less cute. It was actually quite a nice bit of shitposting, if I do say so myself.

All that being said, I was able to upload it to my profile on Minds. You can see the video here.

3.) YouTube is also still dealing with the 'Adpocalypse'... And engaging in Stalin-esque purges of channels they assume are 'Conservative'...

They have demonetized any channel that has less than 1,000 subscribers. Looks like I won't be trying to become a YouTube star of any kind... Not that I have the time for that anyway. Even huge channels like Classic Game Room are basically giving up on YouTube now. It's a damned shame too. I really like Classic Game Room.

Also, on 23 Feb 2018, they tried to delete/block/censor numerous popular YouTubers that discuss politics from a non-SJW perspective. It didn't work. The backlash was quite severe and they reinstated everyone that was blocked, including the Google Account of Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad. Looks like Google is determined to kill YouTube off and create opportunities for competitors like BitChute and Vimeo. I wouldn't blame them if that was true since YouTube never made them any money. However, it's just Leftist stupidity at work.

4.) Twitter is just as much of a sad joke as I thought it was...

Twitter apparently has been proven to be the Leftist echo-chamber we all thought it was, thanks to Project Veritas doing a little underground investigation. Thank God that I've never actually used that service.

Disgusting lump of flesh...

5.) Facebook and Twitter are censoring content on behalf of some pretty nasty foreign governments...

Both Facebook and Twitter are censoring material of all different kinds on behalf of foreign governments like China and Iran. That is as Un-American as it is unacceptable. Looks like Senator Joe McCarthy was about 50-60 years ahead of his time...

There was also that infamous 'hot mike' incident in 2015 when Mark Zuckerberg promised German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he'd remove posts that appeared to be Anti-Migrant/Anti-EU/et al. Not cool, Zucky Boy. Not cool. Also, aren't you a Jew, Mark? I thought you people didn't like the Germans, let alone take any orders from those fucking Nazi bastards. :P

Even fashion from Hugo Boss couldn't make this guy look like less of a dork...

It doesn't stop there. Facebook and Google both censor things to make them compliant with Sharia law so that they can legally operate in Muslim countries like Turkey. Again, that is as Un-American as it is unacceptable. It also shows that these people are far more concerned with money than Liberty, which really should make you want to seek alternatives. I'll discuss that later in this post.

Speaking of being all about the money, it's looking like Google is deliberately altering search results to keep the competition down. They haven't been able to kill Minds yet, but they are keeping it from growing to its full potential. Also, I have seen numerous articles in the last few months about Google doing this to numerous sites and businesses. At this point, I should be asking the Justice Department to begin an Anti-Trust investigation. Google is getting far too big and powerful. Facebook is getting there too.

6.) Speaking of Facebook, that site is well on its way to becoming the next MySpace... and I won't miss it when it's gone. 

In fact, I am sick of Facebook. I am no longer using it for anything other than a way to communicate with friends and family members. Too bad most of them are too much of a bunch of Normies to ever consider ditching that site and moving on to something else. is so much better in so many ways, especially when it comes to Free Speech.

Rather interesting coincidence...

The problem with Facebook (besides their Anti-Freedom Agenda) is that it became too cluttered, just like MySpace. You won't see or hear a lot of music and videos automatically playing whenever you go to a Facebook page. However, we all do see a lot of crap that doesn't matter in our newsfeed. I use the site to interact with friends, family and people with similar interests, not to buy stuff. Buying stuff online is why I use Amazon. Also, reminding me about what I posted on a certain day X number of years ago is very unnecessary.

Sad but true...

Facebook knows that and they have been trying to make changes. Unfortunately for them, it's probably not enough. Alienating their advertisers by re-organizing the site to emphasize my friends in the newsfeed over businesses doesn't make advertisers want to use the site. However, I could be wrong. Maybe the site will find a happy medium between the two and unfuck itself sometime in the future. And maybe I'll get a winning Powerball ticket. Life is just crazy enough for anything to happen.

7.) I strongly recommend that everyone reading this replace Facebook and Twitter with and

Those sites WON'T censor you for ANYTHING, no matter how offensive & tasteless, because they actually believe in (and understand) Free Speech. That is extremely important. Minds also seems to have a LOT less overly dramatic bullshit than Facebook does. I've only run into 3 idjits so far, and they were easy to block/ignore. So, as far as I'm concerned, Facebook is starting to look a LOT less necessary to have in my day-to-day life...

Yet another good reason for me to LOVE Redheads... :)

8.) I'm gonna go make my own social media site! And it'll have hookers and Black Jack! In fact, forget the Black Jack! Ah, screw the whole damned thing...

There's a reason why I'm paraphrasing Bender from Futurama. Since I am going back to school for Computer Science, I will be learning a lot more about programming and web development. After a conversation with a good friend one evening, I've decided to start planning (and hopefully one day create) a social media site of my own. This one will be tailor-made specifically for musicians, recording industry professionals and Audiophiles of all stripes. My friend suggested the name 'Bass' for the site. I do like that name. The C at the beginning of Clef and Com has good alliteration. I checked to see if that site name is in use. It did have a placeholder page. However, I can still use instead.

If I do go about making that site, it's going to be similar to in spirit. I will NOT be censoring people or creating algorithms to censor supposed hate speech. I trust that my users will know when the material is objectionable to them and that they will simply ignore it themselves. There's no need for me to be a damned censorship Nazi. Besides, how would one go about defining hate speech anyway? That is a significant part of the problem here. Of course, someone may beat me to the punch on creating a social media site for musicians. I do have a few ideas for a social media site tailor-made for gaming enthusiasts as well. However, it may not be necessary since Twitch is a thing...

And yes, a social media site tailored towards musicians can work. If you can have glorified image boards posing as social media sites like Pinterest & Instagram get big, why can't a site targeting musicians and recording industry professionals?

9.) Or, maybe I'll just make a site that's like the evil Mirror Universe version of Instagram...

It will be a site specifically used for the sharing of dank (and vile) memes. Or, maybe that's not necessary since 4chan is a thing... Either way, I think the cocksuckers that are running (and ruining) Facebook and Twitter are creating a LOT of opportunities for potential competitors in the marketplace. I fully intend to take advantage of this in the next few years. After all, why should Mark Zuckerberg be the only guy getting rich off people making themselves look retarded on the internet? Muhuhahahahahahahaha...

Social Media really is completely retarded...

10.) Why is all of this so important to me? It's just social media...

Wrong. In fact, you're so wrong I ought to put you in the Front-Leaning Rest. These shitheads have been trying to acquire as much social power/control as they possibly can for years now. They've been doing it just so they can try to censor opinions they dislike and force their views on society. It's yet another front in the never-ending battle between Liberty and Authoritarianism. I will make sure that Liberty wins. The line must be drawn here!

With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably. The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged. This assault on Human Liberty known as 'Social Media' must be destroyed and remade into an asset to our freedom rather than a threat.

- Lord Publius

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Education for MY future

Ever feel like nothing ever quite goes your way? Lord knows I've felt like that a LOT since graduating college in 2008. My feelings on it all can best be described by some of the lyrics of the classic Judas Priest song 'Breaking the Law'...

'So much for the golden future I can’t even start. I’ve had every promise broken, there’s anger in my heart!!’ You don’t know what it’s like, you don’t have a clue,.. If you did, you’d find yourselves doing the same thing too!

There has been a lot of anger over how so many things have not turned out quite the way I hoped in my adult life. ITT, the Army, the Insurance Adjusting business... However, as I’ve hinted on my Facebook page for months now, that will change very soon. And it’s gonna change by me finally using my VA education benefits to return to school. I am going back to college for a Bachelor’s in
Computer Science.

The specialty in that major hasn’t been decided yet. That’s something you do later on in the course of study. However, I think I’ll be pursuing Cyber-security since there is ALWAYS a lot of work in that field. I was originally considering an Education degree so I could become a Teacher, but I changed my mind on that one. Just getting some damned information on how to pursue that course was so
infuriating that I decided to go with my natural inclinations instead. Tech is where I belong.

I was also thinking about getting some kind of Master’s, but my Bachelor’s from ITT had a completely different accreditation service than my new school, the University of New Orleans. So, I have to start over as an Undergraduate again. I can’t say I’m surprised. Life has already made me start over at zero several times in the last 10 years. This time though, Uncle Sam is picking up the tab so, I really don’t care.

However, getting this far was certainly a bit of a misadventure. And I guess it all started the first time I went to college from 2004 through 2008...


I chose the title of this blog because ‘Education for the future’ was the advertising slogan that ITT used back when I first went there in 2004. That was also a time when it was still a legitimate institution. Now, I’m probably laughed at by any potential employer that sees that school listed on my Resume. Despite all that work that went into college for 4 years, I was immediately set back at zero
after graduating in 2008. Back then, it was because of the bad economic situation. Now, it’s because the business people that ran ITT ran that school into the ground.

I worked so hard in college that first time around, trying to accomplish a dream of becoming a game designer. It didn’t take long after graduation to realize that wasn’t going to happen. That was the first time life made me start over at zero. Or, maybe I should say -52,000 since I had $52,000 worth of student loans that needed to be repaid ASAP. Thankfully, they are almost all gone now.

Now, 9 years later, I have all but $7,000 (maybe less) of the loans paid off. The rest will be gone sometime in the next 2 or 3 years, if everything goes according to plan. Maybe sooner if I can afford to put some money away to pay off large chunks at once, but that isn't likely to happen. (And I’m sure that I said something like that about 2 or 3 years ago as well..)

Anyway, I chose the private sector back then because pubic universities here in New Orleans were a joke at the time. I didn't think much of community colleges back then either. I didn’t even really know what they were. I thought they were just the schools that losers attended. Now, I realize that I probably should have went to one of them for something technical instead of those Sierra Bravos at ITT. Oh well. Lesson learned... At great personal and financial expense...

And no, the ITT experience wasn't a complete waste. I did learn a lot and meet a lot of nice people. The problem is that the phrase 'ITT Technical Institute' is basically poisonous to a resume nowadays.

It's funny because it's true...

At least I don’t have to worry about people specifically telling me no in job interviews just because of that worthless ITT degree for another 4 years. It’s also great that college is being paid for this time by a benefit that I earned instead of loans. I sure wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the kids that ITT messed over when they closed. The Feds had to set up a special program to help them. As if all the problems paying back student loans weren’t bad enough for some people back in the ‘Great Depression that we’re just gonna call a Recession' of 2008.

No matter what the Feds did in 2008, it was still going to be very controversial and only marginally effective at best...

Concerns about Bleeding Heart Liberal professors and the kids that idolize them like false gods...

Bleeding Hearts who are also tenured professors are one of the reasons why I utterly refused to pursue anything in the Humanities, outside of Education degrees. That, and a degree in the Humanities (or any other form of Liberal Arts) just doesn’t get you a job. Also, my grades shouldn’t be at the mercy of biased ideologues who are pissed that I dared to reject some (or all) of their philosophy and/or worldview. That would be their own fault for actually giving a philosophy like Postmodernism the time of day. ‘Feels over Reals’ doesn’t work in the real world, folks. You cannot simply reject objective reality and substitute your own. Those Commie professors are NOT Doctor Who.

All that being said. I got along quite well with all of my professors at ITT, especially the Bleeding Hearts. One of them even made me his unofficial teaching assistant by paying me to type his lesson plans and correct his grammatical mistakes. Spelling wasn’t one of his gifts.

I doubt strongly that I'm going to have to worry about any hippies among the student body, either. I took a good look around while I was there exploring the UNO campus. With only a few exceptions, they all looked quite normal and well-adjusted to me. In fact, they looked downright happy. I think I’ll be happy there. Being there puts a smile on my face. And being so focused on STEM these days, that school is essentially one giant Mad Science Laboratory. I think I may have just found my home away from home. :)

However, I know what to do when/if any of the kids try to give me any grief about anything, especially how I’m paying for school this time around...

Or in my case, almost 5 years...

Actually going down to UNO and getting registered, taking placement tests, et al.

I went down to the school for a campus tour and officially submitted my application in October. That process was fairly painless. The school also has the largest library I’ve ever visited in my life, with the possible exception of the Jefferson Parish Library’s main branch in Metairie. They even still had Microfiche there. That on-campus library is also apparently a repository for a lot of government documents so, that’s liable to be very useful in the future. Not yet sure how, though...

I walked around the campus on my own for hours, just to re-familiarize myself with the layout of the land. I knew this school fairly well because I went there for a few summer programs for genius kids over 20 years ago. Many things changed, but a lot of them didn’t. The Education building is still almost exactly the same. That’s where those summer programs that I attended as a child took place. I’m sure a lot of the General Education prerequisites will also be taught there.

In addition to my ITT degree not being worth anything to them (which is annoying), I had to take a few placement tests from a service called Accuplacer. My old ACT scores from High School wouldn’t work anymore since they are only considered good for 5 years. I graduated from High School over 16 years ago now.

There were 2 tests to take: Sentence Structure and Elementary Algebra. The Sentence Structure test was painfully easy. I finished it in 13 minutes and 30 seconds and got a final score of 107. I’m not sure how those tests are graded. However, that score was good enough to test out of the first semester’s English class, if desired. The Algebra test though, was more difficult. I had to take that one twice. I needed a minimum score of 65 for that one and got a 68 on the second try. I’ll be taking something akin to a remedial math course, but that’s okay. I haven’t looked at (let alone used) much Algebra for more than 12 years. I could use a refresher course.

Thankfully, I can feel my brain starting to re-orient itself to the type of logical thinking required for crunching these fancy numbers. Neuroplasticity for the WIN!

Getting registered for classes was also a bit annoying since I was just directed to a website and told to do it myself without much real instruction. Sounds like I’m dealing with government employees again, huh? Oh well, I’ll get used to this new paradigm in fairly short order. (Or, so they tell me...) Either way, I’m actually looking forward to some of the classes I have for this first semester. I think they will be fun. :)

Laughing at my enemies, both real and imagined...

So many jackasses I used to know in the Army are going to be rather incensed when they hear about this latest misadventure of mine. Mostly because it’s being funded by their tax dollars.

They’ll also be pissed when they discover that the VA will be giving me a living stipend while I’m a full-time college student and paying for the textbooks.

They’ll be downright enraged to learn that the stipend and my VA disability check (which I started collecting in April) will cover my monthly living expenses. The fact that there will also be a small profit after expenses may drive them through the proverbial roof. :P

And just so all of you fools know, I am laughing at you. Your fury and gnashing of teeth is truly Top Kek to me.

**Laughs in Successful**

I am laughing at SC, who thought I was about to lose my house and tried to blast my personal business over Facebook in November of 2016. Not only was he completely wrong in his assertions, he also never had any idea what I was really doing in life. Maybe he thought the jokes about being broke were a serious cry for help? I was working and living paycheck-to-paycheck, dumbass. Either way, I’m not selling my house and moving away from New Orleans again. Fuck that shit and fuck YOU too, asshole. You told me on a few occasions that you think you have Asperger’s Syndrome. I still say you should go get that tested. That being said, for me there is no doubt. That’s probably the only way you could have been so clueless. Since when do you go blasting other people’s business all over Facebook, numbnuts? Did your parents not teach you any kind of manners or public decorum as a child?

I am also laughing at those two snake in the grass bastards TAB and BKD. Both of whom deserve to rot in the Ninth Inner Circle along with Brutus, Cassius, Judas Iscariot and all other Sierra Bravos who betray their friends. You two apparently thought I was good for nothing, but I can assure you both it’s actually the other way around. You two are lucky the Army was willing to employ you. Neither one of you would have much luck in the civilian world because of your tendencies to act like an ASSHOLE. Or, in BKD’s case, a fucking degenerate BDSM faggot whose also probably an amoral sociopath. Lord knows the way you treat women is only marginally better than Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. You sick fuck. The way that you use them for your own purposes is genuinely horrifying to anyone with a conscience.

I am also laughing at all the shitbag excuses for NCO’s that I had to deal with too. They are also lucky that the Army hired them because no one else would. Well, maybe a few sleazy used car dealerships would, but that’s not really an improvement... The less I have to say about any of them, the better. I’ve already beaten that dead horse more than enough.

That shitbag even looks like he may have been an NCO at one time...

Also, I am really having a good laugh at that shitbag BPC, who thought he was somehow going to shame me back into the Army after I left. And when that didn't work, he tried to cyberstalk me too. Boy, did that turn out to be an EPIC FAIL. He might even slit his wrists over the fact that I got the VA to pay for college and provide me a lifelong disability check. Serves you right too, Cocksucker. I normally would consider someone committing suicide to be awful. However, in your case, I wouldn’t lose even one minute of sleep. Just remember that it's 'down the road' and not 'across the street'.

Fuck YOU, BPC And not in a way that your Homosexual ass might enjoy!

So, SC, BKD, TAB & BPC, as you can all see now, I WIN. The whole damned Army couldn't find a way to fuck me over. I'm too damned smart for you all. I got out of the Army in one piece and am now living a damned good life. And you shitbags are paying for it with your tax dollars. Muhuhahahahahahahahahahaha... Oh, I will be laughing at that for the rest of my life.

As for everyone else... Well, raise a glass my dudes, and toast to my future. Things were a bit rough after leaving the Army in 2014, but they are starting to work themselves out now. No more shitty jobs. No more desperate attempts to scrounge up cash to cover life’s expenses. No more government BULLSHIT since I now have everything straightened out with the VA. The future looks bright. And unlike the wasted years at ITT, this time I’m not going to be surprised by that proverbial 'light at the end of the tunnel’ actually being an oncoming freight train.

Raise a glass, my dudes.

Life is good and it is only getting better. I have spoken.


Lord Publius