Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My own Starbase, heh?

So, I'm scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and see this delightful little gem for my meme collection...

Such a dangerous question to ask...

...And I have several different answers to the question it poses.

1.) 23rd Century Prime Timeline solution

- Constitution Class Refit or Excelsior Class Refit for the Flagship. (I'd like to have both.)

- Miranda Class for the Cruiser.

- A few stolen Klingon Birds of Prey retrofitted with Starfleet technology for the 'fighters'.

2.) 24th Century Prime Timeline solution

- Galaxy or Sovereign Class Flagship. (I'd like to have both.)

- Nebula Class Cruiser.

- A whole fleet of Defiant Class 'Escort' ships for the fighters... (The Borg would be soooooo fucked if they attacked that base.)

3.) Mixed franchise solution

- A large carrier vessel like the Battlestar Galactica from NuBSG for the flagship.

-  Galaxy or Sovereign Class for the Cruiser.

- A whole fleet of X-Wings from Star Wars for the fighters.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Left simply can NOT meme.

They really can't. It's really sad and pathetic. And I have a few horrid examples that I will respond to with both text explaining why they are wrong and a meme of my own...

1.) Trying to label soldiers as being Alt-Left (I think...)


So, you're going to equate American soldiers with being violent and Leftist? I'm afraid not. Most Service-members are pretty conservative in their social views. Also, just because the job involves violence doesn't mean they are violent people by nature. Funny how the Left is so quick to stereotype someone when they always go out of their way to say that stereotypes are wrong...

2.) Antifa...

This ought to be used as evidence against Antifa in a Federal Terrorism trial...

This one is going to take several talking points to debunk...

- White Supremacy is thinking that White people are inherently superior to all other races. It has nothing to do with Patriotism, despite how many White Supremacists claim they love America. Truth is that they love their idealized vision of America that they have in their minds. Like the Left, those people have a serious problem recognizing/understanding objective reality.

- I have never met anyone that actually did support the militarization of the Police. Why would a White Supremacist want that anyway? That means the cops would be able to use military hardware against them.

- The Left usually does conflate wanting illegal immigration stopped with being against immigration in general. Obviously, that isn't true. They know it too. They just want to flood the country with poor Mexicans so they can get them on Welfare and turn them into Democrat voters.

- Cultural 'Color Blindness' is bad? So, you want me to start paying attention to someone's race? I thought that was bad... [/Sarcasm] By the way, I don't ignore such things. I do notice if someone has a different skin color. I just don't comment on it because it's not important.

- 'Fetishizing European Identity'? What the Fuck? The only thing I have for a fetish is gorgeous Redheads with big tits. Also, I'm not European. Why would I care about an identity that I don't even have?

- I don't recognize 'white privilege' because it doesn't exist. If it did, I would be a multi-millionaire banging supermodels on piles of cash. Sadly, that is not taking place. :(

3.) Proud Resister...

And then, there's this moronic asshole...

- If there are any 'sinister forces' trying to sabotage America, it would be you. After all, you people are the ones who are using various organizations funded by George Soros to try to defame and publicly destroy your political opponents.

- Obamacare gutted Healthcare. Trying to get rid of that awful garbage policy (which would probably have happened by now if not for that RINO John McCain) is probably the most important thing Trump will ever do with regard to his domestic policy. And yes, it is going to go away. You will NOT be freeloading off of hardworking taxpayers who can barely keep their own head above water.

- We should be doing a lot more than just 'threatening' North Korea. With all their cyberattacks against us, we already have all the provocation we need to bomb them off the face of the Earth. If not for their ability to actually harm our friends in that region (South Korea & Japan), we probably would have done it already. If there's anything America loves to do, it's bomb the shit out of 3rd world countries that annoy us.

- No one abandoned Puerto Rico. Recovering from the damage that a Hurricane can inflict will take time. And it will probably take a lot longer since the corrupt government on the island is making that recovery effort a lot more difficult.

- Calling them out for being propagandists spewing fake news is not an assault on the Free Press. That is exposing them for their dishonesty and bullshit.

- No, you Leftists are trying to divide America. You're trying to do it by going out of your way to make minority races think they are being victimized by society instead of their own misdeeds. And that's just the way you (not-so-secretly) racists fucks want it too. Anything to keep the niggers on the plantation, huh? As if destroying the Black family by giving single mothers a lot of welfare money wasn't bad enough...

The scariest thing in the world to a Democrat is a Nigga with a brain.

4.) No attraction to fatties...

No, it really is just a preference...

- Oh, so now you're gonna try to tell me what I can and cannot do with my own dick? I had a few friends that tried that kind of shit about 10 years ago now. I dropped them in a heartbeat without even giving it a second thought. To this day, those losers still don't understand why I turned my back on them.

- Furthermore, what's the point in dating someone that will NEVER make your dick hard? You do realize that the dating ritual was specifically designed to help you find a mate and start a family, right?

- Finally, there's a reason why fat chicks don't get a lot of love. It's because they are NOT healthy and will pass bad genes to the kids. And that is assuming they are physically able to have children at all. With regard to a woman's waistline, the curves are supposed to be concave not convex.

Who knew Slim Shady was on the Spectrum? :P

- Even the fat chicks know this on some level. That's why they chase after men that are fit and ignore fat dudes. It's called a 'biological imperative' for a reason.

What a bitch...
- Besides, would you want to sleep with something like this?...

Not even to help ensure the survival of the Human race...

5.) Know your role...

No wonder career women always end up old and alone...

- Actually, no. Economics changed. And the woman is never likely to be the protector since they are generally NOT built for physical altercations with members of the opposite sex.

- A beta cuck might be submissive to you. The kind of man you would actually want to be married to would demand respect. If you don't give it to him, he'll leave and go find a woman that does.

- This kind of crap came from 3rd Wave Feminism, aka 'Feminazi SJW's who are mad because no man wants to fuck them.' Honestly, who can blame men for avoiding them like the plague? Look what it produces...

The bottom half here is just plain disgusting...

6.) The Left's pathetic attempt to respond to the Meme Jihad started by /pol/ and other dens of internet faggotry...

I added to the meme with another meme, just as a way of destroying the top half of this new combination picture. I think it speaks for itself...

The God Emperor has spoken.

- They really just don't get it at all...

Pepe was instrumental in Hitlary's ruin. Keks be upon him.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sometimes, I get suspicious...

...And that is, sometimes, sadly necessary. On 23 September 2017, I had a woman's profile like both my music and car page on Facebook AND the video game page that I help moderate/administrate as well. All within 3 minutes of each other. That is very strange...

I did some checking on this profile. It was created in November of 2016. It joined a closed music group that I am also a part of on or around 10 April 2017 and made a 'thanks for adding me' post that morning at 7:47AM CST. This individual finding my music page through that group is quite understandable and believable. If there was ever a video in that group that I liked, I would shamelessly share/post it to my own music page. I do that with every music page that I follow. More content is almost always a good thing with enthusiast/hobbyist pages. After looking through that person's profile, I can see that she's also part of several other musical groups where I'm also a member. So, that's almost certainly how she became aware of my music page's existence.

How this person found the car and video game pages (and then liked them both almost simultaneously about 2 minutes after the music page) is what leaves me feeling suspicious. I tend to keep my pages separate from each other and do not advertise them through any cross-promotion. In fact, I don't do any advertising at all. That takes time and money that I am not willing to spend.

So, how did this woman whose profile lists Inverness, Flordia as a hometown find all 3 pages in rapid succession? Is FB doing some kind of advertising without my knowledge?  If so, then this woman need not worry about me being a bit suspicious. It's nothing personal, Ma'am. I just don't trust people very easily anymore. Too many hard lessons and negative life experiences.

Or, is this that shitbag stalker again?

For those of you who are new to this blog, you can read about the stalker here and here. Long story short, someone I went through basic training with almost 8 years ago now just couldn't accept the fact that I hated the military and got out. He also didn't agree with the 17 reasons that I gave for leaving in a post you can read here. After giving him the boot, this guy turned into a stalker and tried to get me kicked off Facebook. I told FB what was going on and then they gave him the boot instead. A lot of my friends also filed complaints against him for trying to impersonate me on FB and just being a creepy weirdo.

He did try apologizing months later with a message from a new profile he created but, I never responded. I didn't even know it was sent until months after the fact because it went into that 'Other' folder in my FB messages. Even those of us who know of that folder don't check it very often. He also tried creating a fan page for this blog and then foolishly made me aware of it by liking both my music and car pages. I ran him off again and blocked that fan page from seeing anything of mine on FB. I am not interested in having ANY dealings with him ever again.

Since I knew he was reading this blog, I made him very aware that I knew what he was doing and that it was going to stop. Otherwise, I'd go to his Chain of Command/Concern and file an official complaint. That would have destroyed his career. Cyberstalking is considered a felony offense under UCMJ articles 92 and 134. However, I later found out that he was already on his way out of the Army via a medical/psychological discharge. So, all I really would have done was put a rancid cherry on top of the shit sundae his life had become.

And since I know you are still occasionally reading this blog Shitbag, I strongly suggest you fuck off. Just because you're a civilian now doesn't mean you're safe from my retaliation. All that means is that I call the FBI (and certain other Federal agencies) instead of your Commanding Officer and company First Sergeant.

By the way, your parody blog (which I'm not going to bother linking to here) is pathetic. Is that what you call 'shitposting', mister? EPIC FAIL. And your spelling/grammar still sucks like a porn star trying to win the AVN award. You know how to use Google. There is ZERO excuse for you NOT knowing how to properly write and format.

What is it with all these sick fucks that I met in the service? Is their life really so uninteresting that they have to worry about mine this much? You have no one but yourselves to blame for me becoming an apostate to your false religion called 'the Army.' Of all the reasons I had for leaving (including the ones I didn't discuss in that '17 reasons' post over 3 years ago now), almost ALL of them had to do with the fact that you people are just so awful.

- Lord Publius

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Princess and the Green Beret

Once upon a time a Green Beret asked a beautiful princess, “Will you marry me?” The princess said, “NO!”

And the Green Beret lived happily ever after...

And grew a huge beard...

And got in gunfights all around the world...

And drove fast cars...

And chased busty women...

And hunted and fished and went to strip clubs and drank good beer and expensive whiskey...

And never paid alimony...

And kept his guns and house and dog...

And ate steak and cold pizza

And never got cheated on while he was at work...

And blew enormous farts...

And all of his friends and family thought he was awesome!

And he had tons of money in the bank and ALWAYS left the toilet seat up.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

One of those stupid 'about me' quizzes...

Because every blog and social media platform has to include this kind of faggotry...

1.) What’s your middle name?

You don't need to know.

2.) Last time you cried? 

Men don't cry.

3.) What's your favorite pizza?


4.) Favorite flowers? 

No preference.

5.) Did you go to college? 

Yes, and I will be going back again soon.

6.) Untie your shoes when taking them off? 


7.) Roller coaster? 

No thanks. Liked them as a kid but, not anymore.

8.) Favorite ice cream? 


9.) Favorite thing to do? 

A lot of really nerdy things... especially my Mad Science experiments.

10.) Shorts or jeans?

Shorts at home, Jeans everywhere else where it's possible.

11.) What are you listening to? 

Blue Öyster Cult

12.) Favorite Color? 

Don't have a favorite.

13.) Tattoos? 


14.) Color of hair? 


15.) Color of eyes? 


16.) Favorite thing to eat? 


17.) Favorite Holiday? 


18.) Beer or wine? 


19.) Night owl or morning person? 

Definitely a night owl.

20.) Favorite day of the week? 

No preference

21.) Do you have a Nickname? 


- Lord Publius

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Random Thoughts/Shitposting blog for 1 Oct 2017

- I'm thinking of opening a strip club with just Jewish women. I'm thinking about calling it 'The Gash Chamber'...

- Actually no, not really. I don't like strip joints. I just saw that in a YouTube comment and thought it was hilarious. My sense of humor is extraordinarily demented. It was made MUCH worse during my time in the Service too. There are some truly sick bastards in the military... :P

- I want to have the ability to turn water into wine. That ability would have a lot of intriguing applications, especially if you have control over the vintage and alcohol content. On a social level, being able to provide free alcohol would make you a lot of friends. On a tactical level, converting the water supply for an enemy base into wine could provide a good distraction. On a combative level, converting all of the water within the human body into wine would basically be an insta-kill. I guess it was a good thing that Jesus had that ability instead of me, heh?

- The writers of the Big Bang Theory have always said that Sheldon is not officially diagnosed and not necessarily an Aspie. I can see why they would tow that official line for storytelling purposes but, the viewers already know that isn't true. His behavior is obviously Aspie in an over-exaggerated sense, as this YouTube video clearly demonstrates.

- I am getting really annoyed with Facebook censoring people for posting memes that make fun of Muslims, Trannies or any other group that Democrats go out of their way to 'protect' with their identity politics BULLSHIT. That kind of crap is going to doom the platform into becoming the next MySpace. Here's 2 pictures of mine that they got Butt-Hurt over in the last few months...


- In fact, I am so sick of it that now ALL of my good material that I create (or shamelessly steal from the internet) is going straight to the new profile that I just created at Minds.com earlier today. I like how they won't censor you just for posting a meme that looks bad out of context. Now, I can go Full Aspie with it all instead of having to be some lame-ass Edge Lord like on Facebook. Now, we're gonna get to the truly Top Kek material in my meme folder...

And now to go cook dinner and catch Sargon of Akkad's latest video in the long running series 'This Week in Stupid'... As soon as it's posted...

- Lord Publius

Friday, September 29, 2017

When gaming goes VERY wrong...

Sometimes, gaming can get out of hand. Let it get too out of hand and it will drive away females.

I saw this in a Facebook post earlier today and got permission to repost it here. The individual who authored this piece is an old Army buddy of mine. Knowing what I know about some of you gamers out there, I don't think this story is all that unique...

For 3 years, I was in a relationship with "C." For 2 of those years, life was pretty good.

Then, for the final year, he suddenly became obsessed with gaming. Table-top, role-playing, video, everything except board games. Now don't get me wrong, I love my D&D as much as any other red-blooded American, but C's new obsession went to some pretty ridiculous lengths. I was expected to roll with the punches, and for the first few months of this I really tried.

"Friends" started showing up unannounced, and it's not that they were bad people in of themselves but showing up for gaming sessions literally EVERY OTHER DAY was getting fucking old. They would leave their food wrappers and containers everywhere, and C refused to clean them up: It got so bad that one of our neighbors complained about insects in the building (as well as the smell of rotting food.) He started losing hours at his job, then I'm pretty sure he lost it entirely: So guess who's got two thumbs and had to take on a second job to cover BOTH OF OUR rent? This bitch.

Any time I brought up my concerns with C, or made efforts to forbid gaming in the house entirely, he basically threw a tantrum and blamed ME for the state of things. I told him to take his games elsewhere, or at least to clean up after each session, and my requests were repeatedly ignored. On one occasion, he told his friends they could have a session at our apartment without my foreknowledge or consent: He had left the door unlocked for them, I came home from a long day at my primary job to find the lot of them sitting at MY TABLE and already leaving wrappers on MY FLOOR. Again, somehow my fucking fault that they made a mess.

The last straw came when C, knowing full well that I had been working double shifts to cover ALL of our household expenses, woke me up at 0200 because he wanted me to go to L.L. Bean in Freeport with him to buy one very specific thing. It was something small and probably could have been ordered through their catalog. We fought and argued all the way there, in the store, and all the way home.
I dumped him that night.

I had already met someone else.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: She's speaking of her husband here. I removed his name for privacy and anonymity.)

So in his grief, he spent a month in Italy while I packed my things: Even though for the previous 4 months of us living together, C made a myriad of excuses as to why he didn't have money for his share of the rent or bills (but could somehow afford a month-long trip to Italy?)

I also made it clear to C that under no circumstances were his gaming buddies to come over without an invitation from me personally, or the police would be called and they would be removed.

A few months after I moved out, C apparently completely trashed the place so badly that our former landlord sued him for damages: Allegedly, C blamed ME for that shit-show, too. Nope, he lost. He didn't just lose, according to those close to me C rolled a pretty long string of 1's and the judge mopped the floor with him. I didn't even find out about any of that until I was deployed!

I have no idea where C is or what became of him, and quite frankly I don't really care to. I don't wish him any harm, but I don't exactly spend any sleepless nights wondering "what could have been." Nope, it took me way too long to realize that C no longer wanted to be in a relationship: C wanted a second mother.

And y'all know how I feel about being a mother: Ain't gonna fuck'n happen.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Original author decided as a teenager not to have children.)

I'm completely okay with being the "Bread-Winner" in a relationship, as long as there is some kind of mutual effort and respect there. There's a world of difference between a domestic partner and a damn parasite.

C became a parasite, and it didn't end well for him.

Don't be a C.